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gefunden 20. Januar 2007 rieglerp hat den Geocache gefunden

eigentlich habe ich mir meine #100 etwas anders vorgestellt [:(] (details siehe oben)

out: alles inkl. tb
in: nix mehr da, wo man was reintun könnte


gefunden 13. Januar 2007 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

As the weather was gorgeous today I expected to meet some other cachers on my way or to at least encounter new log entries in the log book, but apparently I was the only one who visited this cache today.

Due to the sunny and warm weather I decided to go for an extended walk and started at the parking lot of the Rannach alpine garden (which is still closed, but today there was no sign there announcing the reason). As I know the area quite well, one glance to the AMAP sufficed to give me a reasonable idea of where the cache has been hidden and how it can be approached comfortably and with only a short detour from the route I wanted to follow anyway.

Everything worked out well and I soon reached the cache area. Although the forestry works are still ongoing, I do not hope that the cache will be endangered by them.

The cache container which is in perfect condition is quite large and offers space also for larger TBs.

Thank you for this hiding this non-drive in cache which is well suited to be combinded with other caches in the area. I enjoyed the walk to which I was motivated by this cache very much. I have never ever experienced a day in mid January where I made a walk at this altitude wearing just a T-shirt. (The pullover and the jacket I had brought with me were completely useless today.) It is amazing how different the landscape looks like in this snowless and extremely warm Winter than in previous Winters when I have been in the area. Last year there was snow in this area even in late March.

In: TB Cuffy
Worldchampionship 2006 GC

Out: GC Kippered

gefunden 11. Januar 2007 Gustus hat den Geocache gefunden

Am frühen Morgen zum Dosensuchen aufgebrochen. Aber diesmal war nicht der frühe sondern der späte Vogel der Erste. Kann auch vorkommen. Ich habe die weitere Strecke gewählt und bin dadurch zeitweise ins "Ghackte" gekommen, war aber kein Problem. Der Cache war bald gefunden, die Koordinaten stimmen auf den Meter genau. Und es ist eine ordentlich große Dose. Die Coin hab ich drinnen gelassen, ich hab sie schon einmal in der Hand gehabt. Hoffentlich fällt der Cache nicht den schon gefährlich nahen Waldarbeiten zum Opfer. Danke fürs Verstecken.

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