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gefunden 30. Oktober 2009 manfred.wn hat den Geocache gefunden

30.10.09 #29
A beautiful place with scenic view over the Gulf of Neapel. Thanks for showing it with a Earth-Cache.

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At the craterAt the crater

gefunden 23. Juli 2008 billi_rubin hat den Geocache gefunden

I found this cache on our italy-trip this week. The location and the scenery are great but unfortunatly we had a miserable guide [:(!], who was more interested in selling wine than explaining the history of this location.

happy hunting, Rainer

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me and mount vesuviusme and mount vesuvius

gefunden Empfohlen 24. Oktober 2007 Holsch hat den Geocache gefunden

I guess this was my highest cache for now. And it was a great one.
Thank you Homer Jay,

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Holsch at VesuviusHolsch at Vesuvius

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