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gefunden 05. September 2008 Mausbiber hat den Geocache gefunden

Am vorabend des ritterfestes trafen wir in eggenburg ein um sogleich den dort wartenden cache zu heben. trotz viel remmasuri waren alle stages leicht zu bewältigen und selbst der cache war durch den hint einfach nicht zu verfehlen.
wir hatten die gekürzte fassung absolviert und sind aber trotzdem nicht zu kurz gekommen. sehr schöner stadtcache!!!
TFTC  lg die mausbiber  susanna & heinz

P.S: 24.11.08 nachgeloggt


gefunden Empfohlen 13. August 2008 Johny299 hat den Geocache gefunden

Wirklich gut gemachte Runde durch Eggenburg. Bei Stage 2 sind wir an der Erinnerungstafel erst mal vorbeigelaufen. Danach hat aber alles geklappt. Besonders gut gefallen hat uns der Spaziergang auf der Stadtmauer. Wieder einmal ein Cache wo wir sonst wohl nicht hingekommen wären. Vielen herzlichen Dank
Franz und Franziska

gefunden 30. April 2007 rainmaker-aut hat den Geocache gefunden

Einer meiner ersten Multis!

(Nachlog auf OC)

gefunden 24. Juli 2005 bagsj hat den Geocache gefunden

Nr. 3/4 of today's tour. Found it at 1330.

It was a nice walk at noon through Eggenburg. Except of stage 5 we had no problems with the riddles. At stage 6 we found the number according to Parrotie lying on the ground and we were not quite sure, if the number of the Zürgelbaum was in the right place. Probably that could become a problem for the next cacher.

The box was found after some minutes of searching by Wolfgang, our driver.


OUT: pearl animal á la Gavriel, coffee mill
IN: butterfly paperclip, red monster

gefunden 22. Mai 2005 Gavriel hat den Geocache gefunden

Today the sea came back to Eggenburg [;)] as the "Hamburger Fischmarkt" put up its show there (selling typical products from Hamburg such as cheese, flowers, didgeridoos, dream-catchers, ....).
Most stages were found without problems, but at Stage 5 we still don't know what to do in order to derive P. We had two approaches that seemed to be logical, none of them delivered coordinates befitting Stage 6. So we could not determine which of the trees there would be the correct one. We went towards the less logical variant and found the cache found more or less by chance more than 100m away from it in the end. Luckily the place was deserted today.
Out: TB (will take him to the Event), Dino
In: Idefix
thx, Gavriel & Co

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Even Streets are named after HIM [;)]Even Streets are named after HIM [;)]

gefunden 09. Mai 2005 M.W. hat den Geocache gefunden

This was indeed a highlight among the city-caches I have done during last time. Crisscrossing Eggenburg on a sunny afternoon and following all the interesting stages which are routed to a very informative tour was really delightful.
At last I calculated the ultimate target unerneath a Zürgelbaum and proceeded to the cache but could not retrieve the box since this place seems to be popular among Eggenburgs youngsters to hang around too.
So I left for the Neudegg-cache and retourned at 8:00pm to retrieve the object of desire.

In: coffee-mill, TB SDaL Time Traveller,
Out: Easter-egg

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