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gefunden 03. September 2016 SDBH-R hat den Geocache gefunden

Today a took a ride on my bike took to this part of Ciovo. Finding this cache was a bit hard. Leaving my bike at the houses, I continued by foot. First of all I found a footpath ending in the middle of nowhere 100 meters away from the cache coordinates. So I had to struggle through the dense shrub and across the rocks. Being some 50 meters away from the final, I was about to turn back, but finally I reached the cache location, where I could find the box, easily in the end.
I was awarded with a really nice view, and we came back the next day for swimming and snorkeling in quite clear water. That was great!
Thanks for the cache!

gefunden 06. August 2015, 10:01 lotaol hat den Geocache gefunden

Für den steinigen Weg sind FipFlops nicht zu empfehlen.
Schöne Aussicht, leider ein wenig diesig.
TftC 6. August 2015, 10:01

gefunden 12. September 2014, 18:41 Team Anto hat den Geocache gefunden

Went up from the seaside, way was a bit difficult but also interesting and with no thorns or something. Thanks for sharing a beautiful place.

gefunden 15. Juli 2014, 09:28 OE1KEB hat den Geocache gefunden

Es war nicht einfach, dort hinzugekommen. Viele Dornen. Gutes Schuhwerk ist notwendig. Aber hat trotzdem Spaß gemacht. Tnx.

gefunden 13. August 2013 roxetak hat den Geocache gefunden

Danke. Gefunden. TFTC. IN: 20lipa. OUT: TB. Nice trip. Why isnt registered on opencaching.com? 

gefunden 01. Juni 2013, 19:32 HaPuWaBä hat den Geocache gefunden

After the rain had gone... we started for a walking tour from Trogir, exploring the beaches of Čiovo. Of course, the cache was our destination.
We approached it using a small path on our OSM map, switching to cross-country mode at its end. Probably the cumbersome way...  But we managed it (thanks to todays mild temperatures). This is a nice place.  So nice, that I left behind Sepp, the dwarf TB. Hope he can continue his GC journeys, especially as I just realised that the box seems to be a TB black hole. 

In: Sepp II. TB

Tftc #349

gefunden 04. Oktober 2012 GaswerkAugsburg hat den Geocache gefunden

Auf unserer Urlaubsreise in Kroatien haben wir hier einen Halt eingelegt um die Stadt anzusehen und natürlich auch, wenn eine Dose "im Weg" liegt, diese zu loggen. Schöne Grüße aus Augsburg Deutschland Bayern

On our holiday trip in Croatia Croatia we have placed a stop to view the city and of course, if a can "in the way" is to log this. Greetings from Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

gefunden 24. Juli 2011 lukida hat den Geocache gefunden

We found this very nice place on a really sunny and hot day! But the after-cache ice cream in Trogir made everything good lately.

No trade. TFTC

gefunden 06. Mai 2008 Hynz hat den Geocache gefunden

I found a good starting point (not only for a moto but also suitable by car) about 300m west from the cache. From there it was a quite easy walk to the cache.
Thanx, no trade, Heinz from Austria

gefunden 18. September 2007 BADEBUDE hat den Geocache gefunden

Schöner Spaziergang entlang der Küste, bei dem festes Schuhwerk auf dem etwas mühsamen Weg sehr vorteilhaft war. Heute Nachmittag gegen 17.15.Uhr gut gefunden, schöner Ausgleich nach dem Tauchen.
in: ( Gummi-)Fische out: nix


gefunden 18. September 2007 Da.Verna&Di.Andre hat den Geocache gefunden

Started with a nice walk along the coastline, but the final 50meters are really "nono" terain...
Nice view;
IN: Glass-Stone
OUT: Origami

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