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gefunden 28. Februar 2009 fam.feuerstein hat den Geocache gefunden

Das ist ja wirklich ein schönes Platzerl! In der Grotte fanden wir einen Feuersalamander, der dort wahrscheinlich überwinterte. Er war auch bereit uns für ein Foto Modell zu stehen.
IN: Holzlöwe, Krokodil
OUT: Kreisel, Murmel
TFTC, fam.feuerstein

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gefunden 17. Mai 2008 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Cache 1 of 3 on todays morning-biketrip Andritz-Gratkorn-Gratwein-Schirning-Stiwoll-Hitzendorf-Thaleben-Andritz; 60km/680hm.
Nice place, the box was quickly found. There is a pile of brushwood nearby but the box can be retrieved without any issues.
Access to the chapel is allowed again and the prohibition for the remaining area was only valid until April 30th. I think the cache can be reenabled.
Note: The Geocoin "Globe Trotter Silver" is NOT in the cache; please set its location to "unknown". There are no log-entries in the logbook between the visit of divingbrothers and harrylime.


gefunden 02. Dezember 2007 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

das is eine echt spirituelle gegend, vor allem in den abendstunden!
hab es mir nicht nehmen lassem in die grotte zu gehn und 2 kerzen zu entzünden...

in: GC
out: TB


gefunden 02. September 2007 Lord Harry hat den Geocache gefunden

Kaltes klares Wasser!
Danke für den schönen Cache!
(endlich mit loggen fertig 30 stk in 1 1/2 Std.)
Liebe Grüße
Lord Harry

gefunden 11. August 2007 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

das war unser erster Cache des heutigen Tages.

Bei solchen Cache Locations macht das Cachen noch immer Spass.


Angi, Katharina & Martin

gefunden 02. August 2007 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Schöne Wanderung vom Jaritzberg nach Lourdes und retour.


gefunden 24. Juni 2007 DeeJay58 hat den Geocache gefunden

Ein echter Drive In für uns...
Trotz der Tatsache, dass das GPS 15m weiter gezeigt hat, den Cache nach einigne Minuten einfach gefunden.


in: Kuh
Out: Schlüsselanhänger

gefunden 23. Juni 2007 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Since I am not able at the moment to visit the caches which fit my preferences, I selected this cache due to its low terrain rating.

It was my second visit to the Lourdes grotto, the first has been quite a while ago at a time when the hider of this cache was not yet born or a small baby. I could not recall any longer how we reached the location back at that time, I only know that we visited the location together with a colleague of my mother who has strong family links to Stiwoll.

Even at my best times my level of fitness would not have sufficed to go to Stiwoll by bike. So I clearly had to come by car. I had a short look at a map and decided to take the route via Gratwein and Schirning. I had no routing problems until the crossing with the road which comes up from St Oswald, but then I got somehow confused. In my memory Stiwoll was smaller. I had expected that as soon as I arrive in Stiwoll, I would be able to see the church which I could recall from former visits a long time ago. Unfortunately, this was not the case - I ended up in having to drive a small detour. Like j_blue I left my car somewhere in the village (close to the church) and walked to the grotto. (There exists a possibility to leave one car at the edge of the street close to the grotto.)

Despite the jumping GPS-reception, I found the cache very quickly (thanks to the precise description). The cache is in good condition.

When I came back from the cache and paid a short visit to the grotto, a woman and her son arrived there - I would have preferred to be alone, but I did not want to wait until they left so I left after a few minutes. It is interesting that the grotto has apparently been a more or less private place for prayer until the eighties of the last century. (BTW: I am glad that I am using English for my logs - the term "Platzerl" which occured in most previous logs seems quite strange to me though I am Austrian - I never was able to explain friends from outside of Austria when such endings "erl" etc are used and why.)

Thanks for hiding the cache which brought back some memories of my youth to my mind which are associated with Stiwoll, including visits to an inn which has been very famous for its extremely large sort of doughnuts (Bauernkrapfen) [I never could understand why people liked that stuff] and a visit to a theater performance at a farm.

Personally, I would have preferred a multi-cache (which could have shown also some other points of interest in Stiwoll, like the church), but a quick traditional cache seems to serve better than general preferences. The bell of the church in Stiwoll belongs to the oldest church bells in Styria. Unfortunately, the interior of the church has been "baroquicized" in the baroque period.

No trade

gefunden 22. Juni 2007 j-blue hat den Geocache gefunden

Im Ort geparkt und sowohl die Grotte als auch den cache schnell gefunden. Sehr netter Ort.

in: Katze, Kreisel
out: muschel

gefunden 18. Juni 2007 amarain_lisa hat den Geocache gefunden

Da macht ma sich des morgens auf in freudiger Erwartung eines möglichen FTFs und was is? Da Hr. Wild Wuggis war wieder mal schneller
Der Weg hat sich trotzdem mehr als ausgezahlt, ein sehr schönes Platzerl, dass ich ohne Cache wahrscheinlich nie gesehen hätte. Cache war 1-2-3 gefunden :)
No Trade

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