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  Neue Koordinaten:  N 47° 14.843' E 015° 34.431', verlegt um 20 Meter

gefunden 05. November 2011 olibaerli hat den Geocache gefunden

Der frisch gegüllten Wiese entlang, dem Steig im Wald gefolgt. Wunderschönes Wetter, sogar einem Widder 15m entfernt gegenüber gestanden (leider keine Kamera dabei verd......).

Die Dose selbst habe ich schnell gefunden. Der Inhalt ist leicht feucht.


TFTCNT Olibaerli

gefunden 13. Oktober 2008 snowsurfer hat den Geocache gefunden

After Klettercache noch ein Familiencache.
Schöner Spaziergang am späten Nachmittag. Zuerst zum Cache dann noch zum Gipfelkreuz und die wenige Sonne genossen die durch die Bäume scheint.
THX snowsurfer&family

gefunden 04. August 2008 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

Die markierungen erst im letzten Teil gesehen. Sehr schöne Wanderung.



gefunden 15. Juli 2008 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Schneller Fund. Aufstieg von Westen her über Forststraßen, Abstieg in direkter Falllinie zurück zum Ausgangspunkt.


gefunden 14. Oktober 2007 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

I was already looking forward to this cache when it showed up as I am running out of caches that are both attractive and manageable for me in the vicinity of Graz.

The annoying part of today's cache hunt was the drive through Graz. Due to the Graz marathon many roads were blocked which resulted in a traffic jam in the remaining ones and stop and go mode which I hate. Thereafter it seeemed that some drivers used up all their patience within Graz and wanted to make up for the lost time - many violated the speed limit and overtook other cars at dangerous places. I was glad when I was able to leave the B72. The remaining part of my drive via Gschwendt, Klein-Semmering, Goettelsberg and Zattach was much more quiet and relaxing.

When I arrived at the suggested parking coordinates, no other car was there while when I returned from the cache two other cars were parking there as well. When I saw the little building, I wondered once again why such objects are that attractive for a certain group of cachers that there exists a huge series of caches which are hidden at objects of this type (the "Wasserhaus"-series in Northern Hessia).

Due to the precise description I had no problems at all to find the way to the summit which indeed starts as a narrow path, but later on almost becomes a road. The terrain was very easy and well-suited for my leg. Even when one takes the distance to the cache in consideration, I feel that 3.5* overrates the terrain considerably. Moreover, there exist approaches to the caches where the one-way-distance to the cache is much shorter than 3km. So nobody should be scared off this cache due to its terrain rating. It is much easier than it might appear.

Although I did not have taken notice of the additional waypoint, I had a short rest at exactly this place. The bench next to the cross and the view offered at this location were too inviting for continuing without a stop. After a surprsingly relaxing walk (I did not have the feeling to have mastered 400 height meter), I arrived in the summit area.

Unfortunately the reception was jumpy and I did not have taken the spoiler photograph with me. At first I searched at the wrong side of the path before I changed to the other side. I looked at many candidate trees before I finally found the cache after about 15 minutes of search which was a bit longer than I like to invest. I would have welcomed a hint (for example, the approximate bearing to/from the summit point) as the hint is part of the cache description while spoiler photographs are not.

Thank you very much for hiding this nice cache which showed me a nice area where I have never been before. Special thanks for providing reasonable parking coordinates and for suggesting a nice and not too short route to the cache. I am glad that there still exist caches which are neither tailored to geocachers who are eager for extreme challenges nor to geocachers for whom a walk of 300 m is an upper limit.

It was a very quiet and relaxing walk - when I was searching for the cache on the wrong side of the path, a runner passed by and on my way down back to the car, I was overtaken by a MTB-er. Apart from that I did not meet a single person during my walk.

In: TB Swissaussie bug

gefunden 12. Oktober 2007 LonesomeConebag hat den Geocache gefunden

Ah, herrlich!
Höhenmeter, Schweiß und noch mehr Höhenmeter - und das alles in absoluter Ruhe - Herz was willst Du mehr!
Sogar noch ein STF war drinnen!
Out: TB Jeep & P3 Pokercard Karo 10
In: Murmel

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gefunden 09. Oktober 2007 gebu hat den Geocache gefunden

Wann immer ich nach der Arbeit versuche einen FTF zu machen kommt mir immer jemand zuvor. Deshalb gings heute vor der Arbeit auf den Stroß.
Geparkt habe ich ein bisserl weiter oben als in der Beschreibung angeführt, war aber immer noch ein netter Spaziergang bis zum Gipfel.

in: Red Jeep
out: Coin

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