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gefunden 25. April 2014, 15:00 na6azemlia hat den Geocache gefunden


gefunden 17. Januar 2009 ferret out hat den Geocache gefunden

Das war genau das Richtige für einen sehr schönen Samstag Nachmittag.


gefunden 12. Juli 2008 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Schöne Runde durch eine von mir ansonsten selten frequentierte Gegend. Alle Aufgaben waren problemlos zu lösen, der Cache ist tadellos in Ordnung.


gefunden 28. Juni 2008 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

As I was busy with shopping obligations in the morning, I selected this cache as it has about the right length for an afternoon cache and is easily reachable by bicycle for me.

I went to Thal by first following the R2 (not a perfect idea I should have avoided the part through Augarten today due to a big party taking place there) and then the R39 bicycle path.

The church at Stage 1 is well-known to me. While it is an interesting piece of architecture, it is not a church of the type I feel comfortable with.

Having had a closer look at the map and the location of the stages to be visited, I decided to take my bicycle with me and to push it where cycling is not allowed or to use alternative routes.

Riding the bike had the disadvantage that sometimes I was too fast and realized to late that I had missed a turning. After a short detour I arrived at Stage 2. Due to my wrong routing decision I had passed Stage 3 on my way to Stage 2.
Stage 3 was the first Stage not yet known to me.

Stage 4 was again very familiar to me. Since I had my bicycle with me and since I know the route along the lake very well, I decided to follow first the road and then the bike path leading to the sports centre in Thal. From there I continued to the school Grottenhof Hart. There I realized that I had entered wrong coordinates for Stage 5. I then corrected the coordinates, but nevertheless I again missed a turning due to being to fast and due to having the GPS in my knapsack. After another look at the map and a small detour I arrived at Stage 5. Since I knew that I had to get back to the crossing from there the path leads up to Stage 5 anyway, I left my bike at the crossing. I would not have included this stage into the hiking trail - it appears somehow artificial to me.

After having arrived back at my bicycle I continued by bike until reaching the waypoint where one has to leave the road leading to Thal-Eben. From my point of view the part of the trail from this point until Stage 6 and further on to cache is the nicest part of the whole trail for hiking. The other parts are nicer for riders of bicycles. Even if riding a bike would be allowed in this section of the trail, it would have been possible for me with my bicycle. Today some parts were quite muddy and at one point the trail was blocked by a fallen tree and it was not easy for me to circumvent this obstacle with my bicycle.

The reception in the forest was very bad - sometimes I had no reception at all. Nevertheless, I managed to reach Stage 6. I determined the coordinates of the cache right at Stage 6 and then continued to the cache. Fortunately I found the cache soon despite the fact that I had forgotten the spoiler pictures at home. The reception was very jumpy, but the hideout is a characteristic one which is not easy to overlook.

From the cache I continued along the blue trail. Soon I reached a road where I could ride my bicycle again. I refrained from revisiting Stage 1 and went directly to Gösting without passing the lake again.

Overall I enjoyed this cache even though Arnold S and his life do not interest me at all. In any case I spent a nice time outside and the weather was beautiful and not too hot. Thank you for hiding this nice cache.

Out: TB

gefunden 24. Juni 2008 Lord Harry hat den Geocache gefunden

Fein fein!
Wunderschöner, gut gemachter Multi!
Die dunklen Gewitterwolken haben uns zu einem wenig flotteren Gang "animiert"...
Lord Harry

gefunden 24. Juni 2008 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

Cache heute gemeinsam mit LH gesucht und gefunden.

Da gibt es ja einiges zu endecken .

Out: TB



gefunden 23. Juni 2008 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachdem das angekündigte Gewitter doch auf sich warten ließ, hab ich mir nach der Arbeit gedacht, ich gönn mir noch einen Cache.
So bin ich also die Schwarzenegger-Wanderung angegangen.

bei Stage 5 war ich mir bei einer Zahl nicht ganz sicher, weil die Schrift ziemlich verschnörkelt war, aber der erste Gedanke hat sich dann doch als richtig herausgestellt, bei den anderen Stages war alles total klar.

Als Ich dann um 20:00 an der Final location angekommen bin, konnte ich kaum glauben, dass ich hier noch einen FTF machen durfte...


out: gc
in: 2 TB

danke für die nette afterwork runde

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