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archiviert 14. Juli 2016 forever_chris hat den Geocache archiviert

Bitte Cache auf Geocaching.com lesen und loggen - Eine Wartung auf 2 Seiten ist mir zu Aufwändig



gefunden 08. Juli 2007 M & Ms hat den Geocache gefunden

The 1st one today together with b_r_e_i_t_i, powermik and Flart

We did the questions at home (while having a great lunch).
As the cache was "at home" for some of us, this was easy.
So, we just had to go and get the cache.

At the cache location, an old muggle woman asked if we would search something - but as we answered, that we had found it already, she went. [;)]

Quick cache with well-known stages.
No trade.

Martina & Michael

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