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Hinweis 02. Juli 2015, 09:26 Tungmar hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Fewo (not fewob) placed a replacement box a few meter away. Here are the new coordinates in case you don't have his log: N 38 37.737 E 015 03.996
Thanks fewo for the replacement!

gefunden 01. Juli 2015, 12:15 Tungmar hat den Geocache gefunden

As we passed by here the first time on the way to the ruins, the beach was already crouded. On the way back, after a refreshing swimm, it was even more packed but no one seams to take note of us. So we started searching for the cache. First at the wrong building but whit the help of the spoiler pictures posted on gc.com we managed to find it later. I think the coordinates are a bit off and even in the spoiler on this site is the wrong building marked. But maybe the cache changed whit the years.

Thanks a lot for this cache. It's good to log a cache here to!

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