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gefunden 20. Juni 2008 fam.feuerstein hat den Geocache gefunden

Das war eine Schatzsuche! Wir haben nicht nur den Cache sondern auch einen Fußball für unsere bam-bams gefunden - Danke GAK!
Wir mussten wie so einige vor uns auch länger suchen. Nachdem wilma sagte "schau do amoi hin", war's ein Leichtes für fred das Glaserl zu bergen.
IN: 2x Ü-Ei Figur
OUT: Armband

TFTC, fam.feuerstein

gefunden 20. April 2008 Schuhhirsch hat den Geocache gefunden

Bom war der Anfang der heutigen Cache-Tour mit Lalex, Ran(r)ata und Frustus. Trotz Zweifeln an der Anzeige seines GPSr hat dann Frustus die Box gefunden.
TFTC, no trade

gefunden 05. April 2008 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

kaum sind wir um die kurve gekommen, war schon klar ,wo wir suchen müssen, dann tatsälich genau dort gefunden ;)

heute war ein guter cache tag :)

gefunden 14. Dezember 2007 Pr3ach3rman hat den Geocache gefunden

Im Zielgebiet lag doch einiges an Müll rum, deshalb war ich sehr erleichtert als sich das potentielle Versteck auch als das tatsächliche Versteck herausstellte :-)

TFTC, Pr3ach3rman

gefunden 05. November 2007 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Trotz Dunkelheit recht schnell gefunden.


gefunden 14. September 2007 LonesomeConebag hat den Geocache gefunden

#4 meiner heutigen Tour durch Graz.

gefunden 25. August 2007 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

The 4* terrain rating and previous logs somehow scared me off this cache, but then I decided to make a small detour on my way to the Pfangberg lookout cache. On Saturday there are fortunately no workers at the site and there also no other people around. This allowed me to try out several possibilities. I have to admit that like others I was misguided by the terrain rating and suspected the cache to be hidden at a place which is more difficult to reach.

At first I thought about trying to reach one very promising looking hideout, but then I realized that my leg neither allowed me the approach on two legs nor on my knees - both approaches appeared too dangerous to me or caused my pains. My second idea was to use a nearby tool for another attempt, but again this failed. Shortly before giving up and having had already in mind the comment that this hideout is not located in 2.5* as claimed by some previous finders, I saw another candidate hideout which was considerably easier to reach. Due to the 4* rating I was not confident to find the cache there, but before leaving I wanted to check this place at well. Well, to my surprise I found the cache there. It is in good condition. I appears that Wild Wuggis tricks worked out fine. I would not have liked to get into such a situation as I would not have succeeded to come up with a plausible explanation for my presence at this location.

As my size is considerably below the size of the average cacher and the same is true for my physical skill level and I still was able to reach the hideout (even despite my injury), I suggest to decrease the terrain rating to 3*. If the rating stays at 4*, there is an increased danger that cachers try to reach more risky places.

Thanks for hiding this cache. The area should become more attractive again after the construction works are finished.
At the moment I do suggest to come in the evening or during the weekend.

No trade

PS: I still do not understand the name of the cache.

gefunden 17. August 2007 gebu hat den Geocache gefunden

Erst im zu schwierigen Terrain gesucht.
Am einzig möglich Rückzugsweg hat mich die Dose dann angelacht.

gefunden 12. August 2007 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

hallo miteinander

Cache im zuge eines Spaziergangs an der Mur gefunden.

wir hätten nur 3* für die Terrain Bewertung gegeben.


Angi, Katharina & Martin

gefunden 12. August 2007 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

15:30 CEST
Damn, right in my backyard.. (more or less)
It's always the same with caches in this area - like with "Kinkys Baumhaus" I was again not at home at a time I'm usually at home when this cache was published.
Right at my 8th hour at work today (scheduled power outages are cool on Sundays..) I got the notification SMS. So when I was home I went right to the location, and was already quite sure that I won't be the first cacher there.
Arriving at the target location I inspected two possible hideouts. After noticing a third one I had a quick look at the cache description - noticing the terrain rating (and the first log..) I was quite sure that this was the right place.
A few seconds later I retrieved the cache box without any issues . TNLN, thanks.

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