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Hinweis 30. September 2011 mic@ hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Dieser Cache ist auf geocaching.com archiviert und hier nicht mit dem Attribut "OC only" versehen. Das letzte Funddatum liegt lange zurück und die Logs bei geocaching.com lassen darauf schließen, das der Cache nicht mehr existiert. Aus diesem Grunde archiviere ich ihn auch hier. Sollten sich später neue Aspekte ergeben und der Cache wieder aktiviert werden, so kann dies durch den Owner selbstständig über die Funktion "Cache bearbeiten" erfolgen.

mic@ (OC-Guide)

Hinweis 17. Juni 2010 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Please deactivate the cache at oc.de as well.

Bitte den Cache auch auf oc.de deaktivieren.

gefunden 01. Januar 2010 ferret out hat den Geocache gefunden

Ich bin von oben gekommen. Das Laub war glücklicherweise trocken. Schön steil, dort.


gefunden 11. Oktober 2008 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

auf dem weg zum Gelage hier vorbei gekommen. Aber muss der wirklich da oben liegen?


In: nix
Out: Zecke

Angi & Martin

gefunden 23. September 2008 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Schnell gefunden.


gefunden 21. September 2008 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

I went by bicycle to the beekeeping school and left it there. Then I started my approach. The way up to the cache was easier than expected and I did not need to change my shoes for going up. My GPS-r behaved crazy and when I was already close to the cache it jumped around wildly, everything within 60m distance to the cache was possible. Nevertheless by using the hint it was not difficult to restrict the number of potential hideouts and at one of them I saw something which arose my attention. There I indeed found the cache. It is a rather small container, but fortunately at least the small TB I had brought
along fitted into the container.

As the ground was dry, I decided to descend via the same route I had used for the ascent. The alternative would have been to go further up until meeting a small path I have used some years ago for going down from the Kanzelkogel. Using the direct route was, however, the bigger challenge and a good training for me. So I changed now my shoes and put on my hiking boots. Despite wearing now better shoes, the descent took me about three times as long as the ascent. I am sure that I set up a record for the longest time needed by a cacher for this cache. After having arrived safely back at my bicycle I was glad and happy.

While I have passed the sign showing the way to the beekeeping school already that often, I have to admit that until today I have never been up there. As the facilities are closed at the weekend and are also quite restricted at working days, I could not have a look inside.

In: TB The Jansky Plague

gefunden 10. September 2008 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Found together with kassandra1105 and Moewe. I know why it's all about bees - for them it's for sure easier to reach the cache..

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OUT: "Happy Caching - Horseshoe Geocoin"

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