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gefunden 10. April 2011 Meister-Yoda hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute auf unserer kleinen Stubenbergtour gemeinsam mit Leni-Star, joni_911, evabarbi und breack gefunden.
Netter Multi mit klaren Stages, klaren Fragen, einfachen Antworten und einem schönen Final.
Den ersten Teil haben wir mit dem Auto erledigt und den zweiten Teil dann zu Fuß.


Die Macht sei mit euch.

gefunden 27. Oktober 2009 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Wenn man die Beschreibung genau liest und alle Werte ermittelt ist alles gut zu finden, und es ist ein sehr netter Spaziergang. Wenn jemand einen Wert vergisst, bleibt es ein netter Spaziergang, und die Dose kann man trotzdem noch finden [;)] Zusammen mit hüwü war alles kein Problem [:P] tftc

gefunden 03. Oktober 2009 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Nice and quite funny walk together with Flaky, Mirax, Lord Harry, tomnold and zeith. Luckily someone else did the calculations at the end

gefunden 07. Februar 2009 depp2web hat den Geocache gefunden

A cache just starting nearby is always a good reason to get back to styria, found the cache together with lavic, rutscher and svenja

gefunden 25. Januar 2009 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

As I am extremely frustated about the caches in Graz at the moment, I decided to drive to this cache despite the fact that the drive is quite long for a walk of about one hour.

I parked at the parking area close to the fire brigade. The first stages did not pose any problems to me though the counting task at Stage 3 was a bit tedious. On my way to Stage 5 the waypoint helped me a lot to take the nice path up via the meadow. At Stage 5 I first missed one stage and so had to walk around the church twice. I also used the opportunity to visit the church as I have never been before in St Johann bei Herberstein. Now my troubles started.

Lacking a map I had big troubles to find the right way to Stage 6 and already thought that I must have wrong coordinates. I even tried to contact rabat, but in vain. After several detours I had yet another idea and this turned out to be correct. I arrived at the chapel and found a value of L in about the expected interval. As I had computed the coordinates of the final already at Stage 5 (as a function of L of course), the remaining computation was now done quickly. Like some previous finders I then searched at first at the wrong place (that area was more difficult to reach than the real cache area). I then decided to try to search at another area at some distance to which the hint also applied and there I found the cache.

All in all it was a nice cache. I enjoyed the walk. The weather was nice and the view was excellent. All stages presented something interesting. I am glad that there still exist cachers who hide caches where not searching for super-perfectly camouflaged caches or hiding as many caches per area as possible is the key idea. This cache belongs to the old style caches where inviting the cachers on a nice walk and showing them nice places on the way plays the key role. The final coordinates appear to be somehow off, but with the hint and the knowledge that the coordinates are not exact, the cache can be found easily also without the spoiler picture and when there is no snow around (currently there are many foot steps in the snow, but also many leading to places where no cache is hidden).

Thank you for this nice cache. Despite my troubles with finding the way to Stage 6 (a hint in the cache description might help cachers with a GPS-r with no mapping possibility), I enjoyed the cache and it consoled me a bit with the world of geocaching after the frustrating experiences of the last weeks (in 2009 I had so far only found 2 caches I liked).

Out: TB (to make it travel - there are too many geocachers already that do not take TBs anymore)

gefunden Empfohlen 25. Januar 2009 Pr3ach3rman hat den Geocache gefunden

Jaja...ich weiß schon. Alles was ich sage kann und wird gegen mich verwendet werden. Fakti ist jedenfalls dass ich mich bei diesem durchaus schönen Multi einfach viel blöder als notwendig angestellt habe. Hat aber am Ende ja doch alles geklappt. Eigentlich hätt ich ja nur den auffälligen Fußspuren im Schnee folgen müssen.

Out: Nix, da ich erst mal keine TB's mehr sehen kann!

TFTC, Pr3ach3rman

gefunden 24. Januar 2009 Schuhhirsch hat den Geocache gefunden

Entweder haben wir uns verrechnet, oder der Cache war etwas off. Noch bevor wir neu rechnen konnten, hat Lalex die Dose gefunden.
In: TB
Out: Känguruh

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