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OC-Team archiviert 06. August 2015 mic@ hat den Geocache archiviert

Das letzte Funddatum liegt lange zurück und die Logs bei geocaching.com lassen darauf schließen, das der Cache in einem sehr schlechten Zustand ist. Aus diesem Grunde archiviere ich ihn auch hier. Sollte später eine Wartung durchgeführt werden, so kann dieses Listing durch den Owner selbständig über ein "kann gesucht werden"-Log reaktiviert werden.

mic@ (OC-Support)

gefunden Empfohlen 02. Mai 2009 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

gemeinsam mit Renrata und Frustus die Alte Steinmauer gesucht.

Nach dem wir die etwas eTtt mässige beschreibung verstanden haben ging es ohne probleme weiter.

Denn Cache hatte Frustus auch schnell in der Hand.

Dankie für diesen schönen Rundgang.

In: GC

Angi, Katharina & Martin

gefunden 08. März 2009 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Started rather late for this cache together with grizz-gps on our MTBs. At the parking coordinates we made a short break for a nice cheese sandwich, then we went for the cache - just as it started to become dark. All stages were found rather quickly and even though I had expected some issues with the cache description given the previous logs we didn't have any - everything was pretty straight-forward.
At stage 2 it was really time to get out the headlights. As grizz-gps didn't have one with him I gave him my second one (no-name) while I took the H7 - it was great fun to cycle through the wood along forest paths that way.
After finding the cache we headed downhill towards Gratkorn, reaching 50km/h at times

TNLN, thanks!

gefunden 21. Februar 2009 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Yesterday evening I was eagerly waiting for a new cache to show off - I knew that at least two interesting ones are in the reviewer queue, but nothing happened. In such moment I miss very much a reviewer from the US. Today in the morning I wanted to check whether new caches have shown up (which was unlikely anyway), but failed due to troubles with the telephone and internet connection. After some calls, I decided to give this cache a try despite the fact that my spontaneous reaction when I had read the description when this cache showed up was "Oh dear". It is not easy for a mathematician to read a text where some basic mathematical notions as numbers (Zahl) and digits (Ziffer) are mixed up.

I started as recommened from the inn Hoechwirt. The parking lot was very full there, but I was lucky to find a place for my car - a larger car would not have fitted there. The first two stages did not pose any problem to me (actually I knew already at home to which locations they will lead me). At Stage 3 I was hesitating a bit, but the answers I guessed appear to have been correct. At least the coordinates I assembled led me to Stage 4. My coordinates for Stage 5 were a bit off, but that did not matter as the signs were easy to see. Much earlier than expected I arrived at the cache (because I had misinterpreted the cache description and thought that I would need 1.5 hours to the cache). I quickly found the cache. The hideout is well-chosen and characteristic and can be found even if the reception is a bit jumpy.

I was glad that the cache description contains an explanation on how to get back to the starting point. Otherwise I would not have been sure whether continuing on the way which led to the cache makes sense as this path was unknown to me. In some parts the path back to the starting point was slippery and I had to walk slowly and carefully, but nevertheless I arrived back at the car after a bit less than one hour.

I enjoyed the walk very much. I liked the cache much better than I had expected in advance. The area belongs to my preferred areas in the vicinity of Graz which offer themselved as destinations for a short walk at all seasons.

The cache description contains quite a number of mistakes (mathematical ones and also linguistic ones), but the cache can be found nevertheless. The amount of guess work that has to be invested is well below the level I have encountered in caches of cachers with much more experience than the newcomers that have hidden this cache. Of course it would be a good idea to correct the most striking mistakes, but even know the cache can be found quite easily. My only detour was on my way by car to the inn Hoechwirt. Thereafter it was always clear to me which path to take (without having to use the information on the height).

Thank you for hiding this nice multi-cache.

No trade

gefunden 16. Februar 2009 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Erster!! AJ schläft wohl noch Winter!? Wink

Den Cache hab ich mehr als Texträtsel-Mystery empfunden, denn als Multi. Im Endeffekt hab ich mich hauptsächlich an den Höhenmetern orientiert und bin mich dementsprechend auch einigemale verrannt.  

Meines Erachtens sollte die Beschreibung an der einen oder anderen Stelle nochmal überarbeitet und etwas klarer gefasst werden (Zahl vs. Ziffer, erste Zahl vom *Wochentag* uä.)

Trotzdem eine schöne Runde. Wusste gar nicht, daß da oben soviel Gegend ist.


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