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gefunden 22. Januar 2011 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach zwei Jahren konnte ich diesen Cache heute endlich abschließen. Die meiste Zeit davon hab ich bei Stage 4 verbracht, wo es immer Nacht war und ich deshalb die Jahreszahl nicht sehen konnte. Zu gewissen Verwerfungen kam es außerdem durch den Rätselumbau, der in der Zwischenzeit von mir unbemerkt stattgefunden hatte, aber ansonsten lief heute eigentlich alles recht probemlos. Auch der Cache war dank genauer Koordinaten auf Anhieb gefunden.


gefunden 17. Januar 2010 fam.feuerstein hat den Geocache gefunden

Letzte Woche haben wir die ersten sechs Stages gemacht. Wir haben am Nachmittag begonnen und unseren bam-bams ist dann irgendwo zwischen der vierten und fünften Stage kalt geworden. Nach der heissen Schokolade war dann aber schon finster und die Motivation der Beiden schied nach einem Zahlensturz und einem damit verbundenen Irrweg dahin. Unter der Woche klärte fred die Situation durch einen neuerlichen Besuch. Heute konnten fred und der kleine bam den Rest erledigen. Mit dem Neuschnee war es um Einiges lustiger. Das Versteck ist ja momentan sehr eindeutig .
Der Cache hat uns recht gut gefallen. Die Stages waren gut zu erkennen (so man auch richtig rechnet) und es zahlt sich aus, vor den Obejekten, die man sonst eher übersieht, innezuhalten. Es gab allerdings zwei Stages, bei denen wir zum ermittelten Ergebnis jeweils Eins dazuzählen mussten. Hier haben uns die Hints sehr weitergeholfen.

TFTC, fam.feuerstein

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Heisse SchokoladeHeisse Schokolade
Ein Haus am WegEin Haus am Weg

gefunden 08. Juli 2009 maumau22 hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute gemeinsam mit pischi2 beim - ich glaub es war der dritte - Anlauf endlich fertiggestellt. Einmal nicht auf den Hint geachtet, einmal ein falsches gelbes Haus... Aber jetzt, endlich!

gefunden 07. März 2009 ferret out hat den Geocache gefunden

Endlich ein Grund, auch in diesem Teil der Stadt spazieren zu gehen. Außer Stage 3 waren alle Plätze bereits bekannt,  speziell Stage 5 ist mir wegen des Durchblickes schon aufgefallen. Stage 7 war zwar etwas off, aber aufgrund des Namens trotzdem ohne Probleme zu finden.

Ich habe zu Fuß inklusive Rechenfehler genau 1 1/2 Stunden gebraucht.


gefunden 26. Februar 2009 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

CityWalk ist ja schon ein Markenzeichen.

Wie erwartet wars ein netter Multi mit (mir zum Teil) unbekannten Stationen. So die richtigen Aha-Erlebnisse, wie es sie bei CW1 und CW2 gegeben hat, hab ich hier nicht gehabt, aber ein paar neue Orte und Blickwinkel waren schon dabei.

Bei Stage6 war ich durch die Logs der Vorfinder ja bereits vorgewarnt. Deswegen hab ich mal mehr gezählt, als ich eigentlich vor gehabt hätte
Wie sich beim Final herausgestellt hatte, hab ich aber trotzdem nicht den gaaanz richtigen Wert gehabt, und war somit auchu fast 50m off.

Die anderen Fragen waren kein Problem.

Das Heben der Dose war durch einen sehr hartnäckigen Muggel gar nicht so einfach, aber in einem unbeobachteten Moment gings dann angenehm unauffällig.

Mit einem nicht weiter nennenswerten Umweg, dem Warten aufs Loggen und einer kurzen Kebab-Pause beim zurückgehen, hab ich ca. 1:45 gebraucht.


gefunden 23. Februar 2009 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

This cache really does not like me. In retrospect it turned out that the name I had tried out at Stage 4 was correct anyway. I still do not know whether I took the right date (today's visit was again in the evening), but at least the newly computed coordinates (I had committed a small mistake yesterday) led to a place where I at least could guess what can be seen from there (I have to admit, however, that I could not really see it - I just knew that it was there). The location helped me to check the value of L.

After having corrected a further mistake, I arrived at Stage 6. There I again had troubles with the darkness and as turned out at Stage 7 my value for the number of windows was too low. As the know the area around that stage reasonably well, I was able to determine the correct number and also to answer the questions at this stage. The around around Stage 7 is not that recommendable at night. I did not feel comfortable there.

Finding Stage 8 was easy though I was not impressed by that stage. Then I made the next calculation mistake which led me to yet another detour.
I realized my mistake only when the GPS-r pointed to an inaccessible area.

After having corrected the mistake, finding the cache was quite straightforward. I had expected a longer search which I would have hated at such a location, but to my surprise I found the cache quickly at the second candidate place I had in mind.

The second part of the cache reinforced my impression I had obtained already yesterday. From my subjective point of view, CW1 and CW2 are much nicer caches. In any case, I feel that CW1 and CW2 are much better suited for tourists than CW3. Apart from the choice of the locations, it is also the route that makes the cache not that suitable for tourists. CW3 might be a good choice for cachers who like urban caching and like to visit odd places.

If aj-gps and the others who joint him on the FTF-visit managed to get back to the starting point of this cache within 1.5 hours despite of some detours and mistakes, I admire their walking pace. In total, it took me more than 1.5 hours despite the fact that I was doing the cache by bicycle (however, with more mistakes and troubles than all other visitors of this cache so far).

All in all, this cache showed me once again that caches by JWR which are hidden outside of cities fit my caching preferences much better. I am waiting for Forest Walk 3.

No trade

PS: The comma notation in the way it is used when a zero has to be inserted after the comma is ugly! An explanation given in the cache description does not change this situation.

Hinweis 22. Februar 2009 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Today after having visited the new cache Mitten im 12. by bicycle, I decided to start with this cache as well though the weather was not friendly at all.

Stages 1 and 2 did not cause my any problems. At Stage 3 I fighted with the bad reception of my GPS-r. I went in many cycles and got annoyed also by some one-way streets. Finally I managed to find what needs to be found.

Stage 4 then caused my quite some troubles. First I had entered wrong coordinates, after a correction and again some cycles I arrived at the location. The two first questions were clear., but then I was not sure how to interpret "this building" (this makes no sense, as the previous sentence does not a contain a reference to a building) and from where I am supposed to have a look to north (from the building playing a role in the second question or from the location where the first question has to be answered). In any case I could not come up with something which I regard as name of this building. I tried out something that some people might sloppily refer to as name, but I am not sure whether my guess is correct Moreover, I am not sure whether I took the right date. Maybe it would have been easier during daylight. Nevertheless I went to my candidate location for Stage 5. There was something to which the description might have fitted, but the none of the provided answers fully convinced me. So I decided to call it a day (I had already quite cold fingers) which was a good idea as I had a printout of yesterday with me.

According to what I can tell from the stages I have already visited, I clearly prefer CW 1 and CW2 to CW3.

gefunden 21. Februar 2009 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

After visiting another new cache by bike I decided to go for this one by car due to the bad weather. Left the car close to stage 1 and visited the other stages on foot.
At stage 4 I met with Flaky and grizz-gps who had visited another cache as well and agreed to join me on this one.
Everything went rather well, but at stage 6 we were somehow puzzled, as the description just didn't fit the objects visible at these coordinates. Calling the owner it turns out that there was a small mistake in the description. With the correct value for stage 5 it was more or less easy to find the remaining stages.
Even the final stage couldn't hide for long. We were lucky that there weren't many muggles around. Just when we were about to put back the micro three muggles appeared nearby.. my guess is that they were dealing with something else, not really geocaching-related stuff...
All in all it took me about 1 hour 45 to visit all stages. Guess with the correct values at stage 5 and better weather conditions it should be easily do-able in less than 1,5 hours.
Thanks for showing yet another part of this city. Stage 3 is quite funny

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