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gefunden 20. Mai 2009 camel_f hat den Geocache gefunden

#866 19:30

Beautiful and interesting place. But it was not too easy to find the right path.
And not so simple to get to and to get the cache :)
Thanks for this location and


camel_f mit B

IN : Poffertjes GC

gefunden 29. September 2008 faina09 hat den Geocache gefunden

on geocaching.com 29/09/2008 by faina09
I miss the hint for the "start footpath" and the way down was a little adventure...
IN: dado (dice)
OUT: TB (still unlogged):
- "Susaki, Japan" Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug
- MeerCacheWanderung (ViaAlpina)
Faina09 & Lama & §Grano

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