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Today I finally did what I had in mind for a quite some time: Namely, visiting the Teiglitsch gorge together with Alice. Alone I would not have dared this tour. I appreciate the fact that the cache has been reloaded after the old one had been archived.

We parked the car at the suggested coordinates and started our tour. At the beginning the way was easy and it was also easy to find. At Stage 1 it took us a fre minutes to find the right place (and me some further minutes to go there), but then the micro was found at once.

We then continued our way and crossed the creek at the bridge. The next crossing of the water was more difficult. I had to take off my shoes and walk through the very muddy water as I would not have been able to use the slippery stones some of which were placed at quite some distance. To be able to help me, Alice took the same way as myself. Having arrived safely at the other bank, we walked for some time barefoot through the very warm foliage which covered the ground to get dry feet again.

The small trail along the water is very nice, but was not always easy for me as I still suffering from big deficits with respect to surefootedness. Due to Alice's good eyes we had no problems in finding the beginning of the logging road which led us to the next waypoint. There we hesitated for a moment as the description mentions a trail that is ascending while we could only find one that was descending. Since we were higher up than Stage 2, we decided to take this trail and it turned out to be the correct one. So it appears that the description contains a small mistake. On our way to the coordinates of Stage 2 we had a quick look at the alternate Stage 2, but did not find the micro there and decided to continue first to Stage 2. The micro there was quickly found - the falcons were not at home and so it was no problem to retrieve and rehide the micro.

From Stage 2 we did not follow the route suggestion provided in the description of this cache, but made a detour via the ruin Alth Leonroth and took a longer, but more comfortable approach to the cache (thank you, gebu for providing me with additional information which allowed this route choice which made life much easier for me).

At the cache location we searched around for quite a while due to jumpy reception. The number of potential hideouts was quite large. It took me a long time to inspect candidates in this terrain. Alice decided to make a short break to think about further options and it then turned out that she was sitting very near to the cache which was then quickly found.
The cache container and its contents are in good condition.

For our way back to the car, we again did not follow the gebu's suggestion. We first followed a logging route, but then ended up in a mixture of trackless walking and following a small trail (maybe this trail was the same gebu was talking about). We arrived at the larger trail very close to the coordinates of Stage 1. The part of the walk until we reached this trail, was quite stressful for me as some parts were quite slippery. Walking back to the car along the broad path from Stage 1 to the parking coordinates was then a piece of cake.

Overall this was a wonderful hike - I enjoyed it very much despite the fact that some parts were quite demanding for me at the moment.

Thank you for this very nice cache. Once again a gebu cache showed me an area which I would not have learnt to know without gebu.

Out: GC Carpe Generic 8,
GC gieco's SunshineGang Geocoin
GC Austria
TB Cat Food

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