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gefunden 10. September 2014 Jolly16 hat den Geocache gefunden

I'm STF this geocache! The person who found this one as FTF is Barbeel! We were both going on a FTF-haunt for a GC.com cache. When we logged our found we discovered we both claimed a podium place. After some messaging we discovered we didn't found the same cache! So today we met at G0 again to investigate this! We discovered that one of this caches was indeed the one we go on the haunt for and the other one was this one!!! At 10 m from the other Zwinkernd After soms questions at FB I found out where I could log this one! It wasn't so easy as it looked Verlegen On the logpaper was written log at opencache.org when i gave this in I came at a polish sit of opencaching. At opencaching.be or .nl you can't see this cache! Thx to RHCV and his knowledge with opencaching he guided me to opencaching.de! LachendKüssend

About the cache: It is really a nice place @Hasselt: "capital city of taste" The hiding spot is also very nice! More nice hiding spot than the cache from gc.com Zwinkernd 

I don't know if its mentioned in the listing (don't think so) but this place is only open for public from 9 am till 6pm

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Surrounding of the cache 1Surrounding of the cache 1
Surrounding of the cache 2Surrounding of the cache 2
Surrounding of the cache 3Surrounding of the cache 3
Surrounding of the cache 4Surrounding of the cache 4
Surrounding of the cache 5Surrounding of the cache 5

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