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gefunden 25. Juli 2009 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

I parked at close to the church and decided to approach the cache from the northeast and the close the loop on my way back from the cache. The logging road was blocked by fallen trees at some places, but it was no problem to surpass them. Then I took a wrong route decision. I followed a small trail which ended somewhere and so I had to climb up the hill in a trackless manner for a few meters until I met again a logging road. The rest of the walk to the target area was straightforward.

I first enjoyed the very nice view and had a look at the remainings of the walls.Unlike the first finder I had some troubles to find the cache and searched around for quite some time. The hint was not helpful for me. I do not like hideouts of this type - I do hope that the location will not suffer from geocaching. In any case, there would have existed better hideouts in the area.

It was a very nice and relaxing walk which brought me a to a location I would not have visited without geocaching. Thank you for showing me this nice and interesting place. I would, however, have preferred a different type of hideout.

No trade

gefunden 05. Juni 2009 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

Vom Alten Almhaus kommend hier einen Zwischenstopp gemacht.

Out: TB


gefunden 04. Juni 2009 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Tja... "weit weg" von Graz kann man auch etwas später noch einen FTF machen ;)

Da ich sowieso in der Gegend war gings mit der Mama im Zuge eines gemütlichen Spaziergangs zum Cache. Gute Koords + Hint machten die Suche einfach. (obwohl es natürlich per Definition kein 1* diff ist.


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