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gefunden 08. Juni 2014, 13:03 mymonterra hat den Geocache gefunden


gefunden 26. Oktober 2013 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Together with AnnaMoritz, MoritzRabe and Cachen, nein danke we went up to the Karl Ludwig Haus. We started at the Preiner Gscheid and took the easy Schlangenweg.
Near the hut we took the shorter, but steeper ascent. Back down we then took the longer, but less steep trail via the saddle from where the trail leads up to the Predigtstuhl where to my surprise no cache seems to be hidden. I was surprised how pleasant the hike up was - sometimes 200 height meters are more tiresome for me as the more than 700 height meters up to the Karl Ludwig Haus.

Anyway, we made a rest in the Karl Ludwig Haus where a long queue was waiting for food and beverages. Fortunately, Cachen, nein danke was so kind to wait in the queue. As it was very hot inside the hut, I was glad that AnnaMoritz suggested to me that a short walk over to the Raxkircherl. As she had found the cache before, it was possible to retrieve and rehide the cache even though other people were around. When we came back to the hut, our beverages had arrived at our table. After we left the hut, AnnaMoritz and myself continued to the Heukuppe while Cachen, nein danke went down with MoritzRabe because MoritzRabe felt tired. For him already the last part of the ascent was hard and he lacked the motivation and even promising a nice meal did not help that much. The cholocolate ice cream and a further desert at the Waxriegelhaus at least provided enough energy for the walk back to the car.

I had a short look at the church after having logged the cache. I wonder how "zumutbares Wetter" (reasonable weather) is defined in connection with a religious service in the little church. It will probably depend on the priest, I guess.

Thank you for leading me to the Raxkircherl, I have not had heard before. It was my first visit to the Rax. It is a lovely area and today the weather was gorgeous.

Both log books were quite damp. I had no replacement with me.

All in all it was a hike of around 13km that involved around 1000 height meters. Thank you for providing me with a target to visit while we had to wait for our beverages. I preferred the fresh air outside to the bad air inside the Karl Ludwig Haus.

No trade

gefunden 15. Oktober 2013 DonSchurke hat den Geocache gefunden

Hehe, die "Ausführung" des Caches ist eine feine Sache Lächelnd

gefunden 22. September 2012 AnnaMoritz hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachlog GC

Vor dem Rax-Event konnten wir noch einen kleinen Abstecher hierher machen. TFTC

gefunden 17. August 2012 g-max hat den Geocache gefunden

Gesucht & gefunden!!!

Merci für den Cache!

gefunden 15. August 2012 Gavriel hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachdem die Bergmesse vorbei war, mussten nur noch ein paar beharrliche Muggles ausgesessen werden.
Das Kircherl habe ich heute zum ersten mal offen erlebt
thx, Gavriel & Mike

gefunden 16. August 2010 Luxusweibchen hat den Geocache gefunden

Am 12. 6. 2011 das zweite Mal gefunden, nachdem Birdspiders und ich diesmal über die Heukuppe hierher kamen. Beim ersten Mal im August 2010 war das Wetter um Welten besser, dafür gab es diesmal keinen Muskelkater Cool.

Danke für den Cache!


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gefunden 19. September 2009 sterau hat den Geocache gefunden

Ohne Orientierungsknochen hätte ich heute im Nebel das Kircherl lange gesucht. So aber war´s problemlos. THX, Sterau

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