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gefunden 31. Oktober 2009 npg hat den Geocache gefunden

Fog araound everywhere... maybe up there at Hiaslalm the sun will warm me..
Nada - still fog up here, but enough sight to find the trail [;)].
..and yes- there is a trail.. followed him, and reached the final location.
Shortly after found the not yet savaged box (therefore lying since some time alone here)-
... then back to Hiaslalm- and some meters up, yeah ...after 50m altitude the sun comes out [:D].
in:TB/out:Coin,FTF award
thx npg - sounds like there are more savaged trails are coming [8D]

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on the right trail?on the right trail?
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above hiaslalm...and above the fog!above hiaslalm...and above the fog!
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way back _sun reaches Hiaslalmway back _sun reaches Hiaslalm

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