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archiviert 16. Juni 2016 Pr3ach3rman hat den Geocache archiviert

Station G gibts leider nicht mehr, daher ab ins Archiv!

gefunden 16. März 2013 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Somehow this cache made the impression to be easier than it was, after all. Visited all stages, made the calculations, turns out that some values were negative... then re-checked some assumptions, re-visited a few stages - but finally asked the owner for help.
Thanks to him the cache was then finally found. In the evening with flashlights the approach to the final location was, uhm, somewhat interesting.
I'd say this is a rather well-made cache but adding something here and there to make certain stages easier to identify would definitely help.

gefunden 10. März 2012 olibaerli hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach einiger Tüftelei die letzten Meter erklommen. Wenn man bedenkt worüber die Dämonen wachen .....

TFTCNT Olibaerli

gefunden 17. November 2009 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Es war gar nicht so einfach, die einzelnen Stationen zuzuordnen, aber mit ein bisschen Phantasie gings dann. Teilweise wars klar, Teilweise mussten hüwü und ich aber raten. Die Aufachung ist aber mal ganz was anderes, und es war ein kurzweiliger Stadtspaziergang. Allein das Final entspricht nicht dem Stadtcharakter des Caches. (Weiss man aber eh vorher) tftc

gefunden 15. November 2009 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

After having visited the multi cache in the small Raab gorge, I continued to Weiz. I left my car close to Stage 1 and then walked to all stages on foot. As I did not have looked up the stages on the map and as my GPS-r has no mapping facility, the route I took was less than optimal and moreover, it took me more time than I had expected. Somehow the coordinates had made me believe that all stages are relatively close to each other. To my surprise I did not encounter any real problem with assigning the stages after having visited all seven. I had made some wrong assignments at the beginning (the most amusing one for the cache hider would probably be the one for the first demon), but realized my mistake after having visited later stages. As it was close to getting dark I hastily calculcated the coordinates and quickly started off. I was led into a completely different direction than I had expected in advance. Once arrived in the target area, I knew to special encrypted hint the hider had kindly provided me with in advance (and that I decoded only at this moment), that the general area must be right. What I did not know in this moment, however, was that due to my hurry I had mixed up the last two digits of the East coordinates because I had written M closer to K than L and mixed up the two values. Unfortunately, the area to which my coordinates led me fitted both the terrain rating and also the spoiler photograph (at least as closely as one can judge in the dark).

After having searched around for a while in non-trivial terrain, I decided to contact the hider and have my coordinates checked. He kindly helped me and now it became clear that I have assigned all stages correctly, but just have typed in the wrong coordinates. Although Pr3ach3man told me that it might be hard for me to get to the cache and to find it in the dark, it was then a piece of cake for me to reach the cache area and to find the cache. The correct coordinates are easier to reach than those which obtain by confusing L and K. My attempt to reach the wrong coordinates, brought me, however, at least to a location with a nice view and a some romantic atmosphere. The cache is in good condition. Though the walk in Weiz was a bit boring for me and I would have welcomed to have a bicycle with me, my overall impression of this cache is positive. On the one hand, the idea to describe the stages is somehow funny and on the other hand, I liked the area around the final. The fact that I managed to find the cache in the dark created a bit of an adventurous atmosphere and served as additional plus.

gefunden 01. November 2009 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Auf dem Weg zur Gräberrallye ein paar Stages besucht bis uns da ein Bekanntes Auto in der Bushaltestelle aufgefallen ist. Nach kurzer Verfolgungsjagd durch Weiz konnten wir einen Bastard stellen. Das war zwar noch nicht der Cache selbst, aber mit unseren gemeinsamen Kräften hatten die Dämonen keine Chance mehr uns zu entwischen.

Angi, Katharina & Martin

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