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gefunden 29. September 2012 chris2286266 hat den Geocache gefunden

Sehr gelungenes Rätsel - hat mir sehr gut gefallen!

Das Prinzip kannte ich zwar bereits von einem anderen Cache, doch die Gestaltung war eine Herausforderung, besonders das Ermitteln der Parameter für den Mittelteil ...
Heute war ich mit steve an der ebenfalls sehr interessanten Location und nach Aufsetzen der Brille konnte das Doserl auch gefunden werden ...

Danke für meinen ersten Fund in Graz ;-)

Chris (#1748)

In: FP

P.S.: Aus Platzgründen haben wir nur mit c2+s2 (anstatt chris2286266 + steve2286266) geloggt.

gefunden 18. März 2012 fam.feuerstein hat den Geocache gefunden

Das ist die Sorte von Rätsel, die ich gerne mag. Das erste benötigte Werkzeug ist mir bestens bekannt, dann war es ein interessanter Ausflug in unbekannte Dimensionen. Gemeinsam mit burgsy und wildtreasure (zum Aufpassen) zu nächtlicher Stunde gehoben.
TFTC, fred.feuerstein

gefunden 07. Dezember 2010 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Dieser Cache hat mir irgendwie nie reingepasst, und das war auch gut so, weil heute gings hier auch zu Stage1 der Fortsetzung mit rabat und ptom. tftc

gefunden 09. Juni 2010 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

When this cache showed up the following thoughts came up my mind "Oh no, not another ? drive-in micro in Graz where typically after obtaining the coordinates it becomes clear to me that my conjecture that the location would have nothing of interest to offer for me turns out to be true". Although I have not dealt with what's behind this cache and are not interested at all into this sort of stuff, it was clear at once to me what's the cache about. At first, I did not feel any motivation to obtain what I needed to deal with this cache in a convenient way. Since I do want to have too many ?-caches in Graz where I do not know in which area they are hidden, I then, however, decided to invest a few minutes.

In my attempt to find the information I needed at some point, I found another information which has been known to me right from the beginning. I then did not find an elegant way to find the required information and took an approach which I regard as ugly, but which might be the intended approach anyway. In any case, I then quickly ended up with everything which needs to be known for this cache. I was somehow astonished that nothing more was required. From my personal point of view D=3* is too high, but that's highly subjective and depends on many parameters. For many cachers this will be a D=5* cache without help of others while for me it was trivial despite lack of prior experience. Unlike the first finders, I need to admit that I did not find any enjoyment in this cache and by solving the homework part I did not learn anything new. I do not blame the cache for that, however. It is just a fact.

Today in the evening I made a short detour to the target location and fortunately found the cache quickly after getting rid of an annoying beggar who apparently thought that asking me twice for money would change my pronounced no I answered already at his first attempt. The location has indeed nothing to offer for me, but that needs not be the case for other cachers.

Those who know my caching preferences well, will not be surprised to read that I did not enjoy this cache and that among the caches hidden by xro which I know this is definitely the cache on the bottom end of my priority list.
Among the caches by xro this is also the one which follows most closely what I regard as mainstream trend in urban caching while the other caches, also the newer ones are fitting more closely to the way caches have been set up in the early years of geocaching in and around Graz. Do not feel discouraged by this log to visit the cache and to make up your own opinion. I am simply not belonging to the target location of this cache and thus it is of no relevance whatsoever whether I liked the cache or not. It appears that whenever Wild-Wuggis likes a recent cache in Graz, it is one I do not enjoy at all - by now the number of examples of that type cannot be counted any longer with the fingers of one hand.

No trade

PS: The selection of the cache size hurts my appeal for clear and concise categorizations considerably.

gefunden 08. Juni 2010 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Quite an interesting riddle that really didn't take that long to solve - only a few minutes in fact
The location was already well-known to me and by coincidence I met someone there who I knew for quite a while who then asked me what I was doing around there.. but was happy with "just waiting for someone", hehe ..

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