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archiviert 12. Januar 2016 olibaerli hat den Geocache archiviert

Auf Grund der neuen gegebenheiten vor Ort wird das Döslein efernt.

gefunden 22. Januar 2011 Pr3ach3rman hat den Geocache gefunden

Kurzer aber netter Spaziergang. Hat Spaß gemacht.

gefunden 07. November 2010 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

As I was in the Klettendorf area today and this cache has been enabled again, I integrated it in my tour. At first I thought about going for it without moving my car, but then I decided that the walk along the road would not be attractive. So I decided to go to the start by car. I did not have to perform any counting tasks as I was able to determine the coordinates already at home. Some answers were clear anyway and the others were obtainable from the formulae for the cache coordinates. I did walk, however, the entire route. I did not mind that I had to walk back and forth the same route. It was a lonesome walk today. I did not meet any other people and unlike my walk along the Ilzberg cache route, I did not encounter any barking dogs either. My friend Alice would refer to this cache as an ideal dog walking cache for her dog Aron (with the little creek as special bonus for Aron). A walk of hardly 3 km (back and forth) is not what I regard as extended walk.

It would be interesting in which manner the visitors of the church in Puch continued to the church in former times. Does this part of the walk still exist or has it been destroyed by the construction of the main road?

Thank you for enabling the cache again.

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