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OC-Team archiviert 26. Oktober 2015 mic@ hat den Geocache archiviert

Please update the status not only at geocaching.com but here on opencaching.de too,
This cache is archived on geocaching.com and here on opencaching.de there is no "OC only" attribute set. The last found has been logged years ago and the owner log at geocaching.com shows that the cache should not be listed anymore. Therefore I archive this listing now here too. The listing can easily be reactivated by the owner himself if needed.
If there are questions, don´t hesitate to conttact me or the team.

mic@ (OC-Support)

gefunden 27. Mai 2013 steingesicht hat den Geocache gefunden

found it at a short walk from the camping site - thanls for listing at geocaching.de

  Neue Koordinaten:  N 45° 52.772' E 015° 37.729', verlegt um 52 Meter

gefunden 29. April 2012 meteor2017 hat den Geocache gefunden

I found it during Longinada - Slovenia-Croatia-Bosnia Bicycle Tour.

Last one in Slovenia, and my first found registered at opencaching.de :-) Greetings from opencaching.pl

  Koordinaten:  N 45° 52.758' E 015° 37.764'

gefunden 08. April 2010 donweb hat den Geocache gefunden

found long time ago but logged only on gc.com. Heres the original Log:

When we started at home in Germany, no log was registrated online so we hoped to get our first FTF out of germany. But when we found the cache, we had to see, that three other cachers were faster One was here two days ago and two others today.

But nobody logged his found online yet, so we are just the first to log online

btw: when searching for the cache, Mrs. donweb did a wrong step and sank in the mud up to her knees [xx)]


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