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archiviert 07. Dezember 2013 Querdenker-Ltd hat den Geocache archiviert

I'm putting my Cache into the Archive. It is a pity, I know. If someone is living there who can maintain this cache regularly, feel free to put a large Cache there, it is one of the view possibilities of a large box in Dubai with a really beautiful view...

here you can have a look in extreme high resolution (Gigapixel) how it was, when I fist put the Cache there:

Dubai Marina at day 11,6 Gigapixel - with 100 DPI the print size is 63 m x 12 m
Dubai Marina at night 1,9 Gigapixel - with 100 DPI the print size is 20 m x 6 m

Link: http://www.querdenker-gigapixel.de/eng/Geocache.php 

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