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gefunden 14. März 2015, 13:46 Elim Garak hat den Geocache gefunden

Den Aufstieg hätte ich mir schlimmer vorgestellt. Beim Bunker angekommen kletterten wir hinein und ich musste feststellen dass meine UV Lampe nicht so finktionierte wie ich wollte aber nach etwas Suchen konnte die Dose schlussendlich geborgen werden.

gefunden 28. Dezember 2014 GeoSteff hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute im Zuge einer Bunker-Tour um Peggau gefunden. Schön, dass er auch auf OC gelistet ist :)
Super Versteck, vielen Dank!
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gefunden 24. April 2014 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

As I know that Alice likes bunkers and caves, I suggested this cache to her which did not fit into our plans yesterday. Somehow I never got to visit this cache in the long time it exists. One of the reasons was that I feel more comfortable with not visiting such caches alone.

We parked at the suggested coordinates which were already known to me from gebu's AMS IV cache and then headed for the cache. Except for the very last part the approach to the cache was easy and relaxing. The steep slope was a bit slippery which added to the challenge for me in particular on the way back in the descent part.

When I arrived up at the top, Alice had opened the door already as she was much faster. We then climbed together into the bunker. In the first run we overlooked the container, but soon Alice called me and told me that she has found the container and a laughing smily. The cache container and its contents are in good condition.

Thank you for bringing me to a location which I would not have visited without a geocache being hidden there as I would not have known about the existence of the bunker. I'm glad that I live in a peaceful country and not amidst war.

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gefunden 02. April 2011 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Last cache on todays' tour together with Sator - and a great one. Very interesting location; I already knew some of the bunkers nearby but not that one. Very well made; thanks!

gefunden 13. März 2011 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Sehr interessante Location. Hatte zwar schon von dieser Anlage gehört, sie aber selbst noch nie gesehen. Schon ein Wahnsinn, was für ein Aufwand da für nichts und wieder nichts getrieben wurde.


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