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archiviert 03. Juni 2015 HandM hat den Geocache archiviert

Cache has disappeared and I can't make it again (special container). Archived.

OC-Team momentan nicht verfügbar 03. Juni 2015 mic@ hat den Geocache deaktiviert

It seems that according to the previous log the cache is not existent anymore. The owner should go out and check it, and in the meantime I will disable this listing now. When check-up has been done,, then the listing could be re-activated by the owner himself.
If You have questions or need some clarification, just contact me or the team.

mic@ (OC-Support)

nicht gefunden 13. November 2013 Team_Musterstation hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Without any hint there are to much possibilities where the cache could be.  :(

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