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gefunden 13. Januar 2013 kjuv hat den Geocache gefunden

Schöner LP, nach ein bisschen warten konnte man muggelfrei an die Dose.


gefunden 10. September 2012 Robert80 hat den Geocache gefunden

schnell gefunden. TFTC

gefunden 10. September 2012 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

The location is that boring for me that it never attracted my attention even though I'm passing it quite often by bicycle. Also today in the evening when I needed a short break, I went first too far and then had to go back. The situation at the cache was somehow easier than expected and to my surprise I managed to retrieve the cache and get back to my starting position. That and the bicycle trip are the positive aspects of this cache for me. I'm curious whether ever appartment houses will be built on the area. In any case, Peter-Rosegger road seems to attract many caches recently where some time ago I could not have imagined even a single one there. The times they are changing ........ (nicer as a song by Bob Dylan than in the geocaching world).

No trade

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