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gefunden 25. Juli 2017, 21:20 Eddiemuc hat den Geocache gefunden

Made a day trip to the Salt Lake and the cliffs Today on our wonderful sailing trip ⛵ through the Kornates. Luckily I was able to convince my muggle friends that a little caching is also necessary [:D].

Although searching a lot I could not find all answers and tried to google the rest. I hope I got it...

Many thanks to DieFalken for hiding and maintaining.

[:)] #21
*Alle Hesse sin Verbrecher, denn se klaue Aschebescher.*

gefunden 08. August 2016, 12:20 Sillytoppi hat den Geocache gefunden

Kornati is really impressive. It was nice to visit.
The lake was interesting especially these things which are related to the questions of the cache. Tftc

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