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OC-Team archiviert 02. Juni 2015 mic@ hat den Geocache archiviert

Please keep the status of your listings always up-to-date on all plattforms. According to geocaching.com listing I am now archiving this listing too. It is possible to reactivate this listing anytime by using the suitable logtype.
If you have questions or need some clarification, don´t hesitate to contact me or the team.

mic@ (OC-Support)

nicht gefunden 01. Juni 2015, 15:13 rasterpit hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

1 June 2015 15:13 Il Teatro Romano
Mmmhh assume it is behind the fence somewhere at the rails of the handicapped chair. Not allowed to go there a Pity. Tftc

gefunden 08. September 2014, 16:52 NKMV Team hat den Geocache gefunden

It is still there :-)

gefunden 25. Oktober 2013, 11:18 brandy hat den Geocache gefunden

Mit Red Bull Team

gefunden 01. Juli 2013, 14:24 Aris Milani hat den Geocache gefunden

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