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OC-Team archiviert 13. August 2017 mic@ hat den Geocache archiviert

As announced in my prior log this listing will be archivied now. The owner can easily reacitvate the listing by his own if everythng is ok again. If You need help, just contact me or the team .

mic@ (OC-Support)

OC-Team momentan nicht verfügbar Die Cachebeschreibung ist veraltet. 13. Juli 2017 mic@ hat den Geocache deaktiviert

Our terms of use say that listing must be synchronized if published on multiple platforms. Unfortunately there are many differences between this listing and the one on geocaching.com (GC4WTK9). Here is the list: Different answers for waypoints "O" and "P", the final formula differs slightly and the D/T-rating is not the same. The owner should update his listing, meanwhile I deactivate it. If I don´t get any feedback within one month (13-aug-2017), then this listing will be archived.
If You need more informations or if you have questions, then just contact me or the team.

mic@ (OC-Support)

Hinweis Der Cache benötigt Wartung. 09. Mai 2016 Frank_Z hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

I have read about this project on the via alpina website a long time ago.

Today I finally came across this cache listing.

While looking at the waypoints, there are some errors with the waypoints N and O, North should be 44 instead of 43. Same for the starting point I think.

I have hiked the northern part of the GTA and will finish some day and maybe be able to find the information for this cache.

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