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OC-Team archiviert 23. August 2016 Opencaching.de hat den Geocache archiviert

This cache has been "temporarily unavailable" for more than 6 months now; therefore it is being archived automatically. The owner may decide to maintain the cache and re-enable the listing.

OC-Team momentan nicht verfügbar 20. Februar 2016 mic@ hat den Geocache deaktiviert

The listed coordinates here don´t match with the coordinates on geocaching.com (GC63TJH). Furthermore the cache is wrongly catagorized (traditional on OC, multcache on GC). So I deactivate this listing now because no cache can be found at the given coordinates. When the owner corrects the coordinates and type, then this listing can easily be reactivated by himself.
If there are questions, then just contact me or the team .

mic@ (OC-Support)

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