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archiviert 11. Juli 2017 BorPetVlad hat den Geocache archiviert

  Koordinaten:  N 42° 17.940' E 023° 32.356'

kann gesucht werden 16. April 2016 BorPetVlad hat den Geocache gewartet

The Dark Shrine was rewarped at a slightly different location.

momentan nicht verfügbar 10. April 2016 BorPetVlad hat den Geocache deaktiviert

The Dark Shrine has been overrun by archeolisks.

kann gesucht werden 12. Juni 2014 BorPetVlad hat den Geocache gewartet

At the expense of countless of MULEs our Terran allies have located another pair of surviving Templar Archives and Dark Shrine.

momentan nicht verfügbar Der Cache benötigt Wartung. 02. November 2013 BorPetVlad hat den Geocache deaktiviert

Two of our most devoted zealots have tried to establish an initial ground. They reported that the Dark Shrine is missing.
Today we asked our Terran allies to send one of their highly trained ghosts to scout the area. The results are devastating for our cause:
It seems that lately there has been an increased Zerg activity. The area has been cleared for easier access (for the Zerg, that is). Instead of being overgrown by bushes it is now littered with hatched larva remains and creep tumors. The Dark Shrine and the Archon are nowhere to be found. We must assume that they have been destroyed.
The reconquest of Aiur is postponed until further notice.

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