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archiviert 02. Januar 2017 batrambo hat den Geocache archiviert

gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. Die Cachebeschreibung ist veraltet. Empfohlen 20. August 2016 BorPetVlad hat den Geocache gefunden

I was really worried that I will lose my advantage for FTF-ing this cache. I received the publication notice en route to the Black Sea. At one point I was contemplating on driving to this cache directly from Sozopol but left it for the other day. Fortunately, I still managed to score an FTF. Smile Thanks, garu - it seems what you do is not entirely pointless!


There was dense fog in Svoge and Tserovo on my way to the cache. There goes the view, I thought. Fortunately, the fog went away.

I was expecting a view towards Zanoge. It turned out, the view is from Zanoge but towards Lakatnik railway station. One can see the famous (for hiking) Lakatnik rocks in their full glory from the cache place.

While I was driving up a deer run across the road, just like in the road sign. Smile Alas, another road sign was demonstrated to me on the way back - I run over a fallen on the road rock at 60-70 km/h and destroyed a tyre. A relatively old tyre, so no big deal.


And finally: thank you for publishing your caches on this site! Cool I really appreciate that. But please, make the listings as functional as the ones on the other geocaching site. In this case, the waypoints and the hint are missing.


Vladi (Borko and Petya are still at the seaside; no, I didn't come back specifically for this FTF Tongue out)

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Lakatnik rocks viewLakatnik rocks view

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