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Contact Information
General questions regarding Opencaching and Geocaching

For general questions, you will find lots of information at the German websites wiki.opencaching.de and www.geocaching-info.de.

If you encounter a special problem, you may ask your questions in one of the German or international discussion boards at forum.opencaching.de.

Usage of the website, suggestions and comments
There is a board for this purpose at forum.opencaching.de (Opencaching 3.0 – Ideen und Gedanken). It also conatains (German) information on joining our team.
Other issues
For the case that the contact places mentioned above do not meet your requirements, you may contact the Opencaching.de operator or send an email to our support team at kontakt@opencaching.de. We will try to answer your request promptly, but please keep in mind that we are a team of volunteers who are not permanently and immediately available.