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Legal information

This is a tentative English translation of the German legal information for this website, which is available by selecting German language and choosing "Nutzungsbedingungen" in the menu. When in doubt, or the translation is incomplete or contradicting, the German version is always the valid reference for legal issues.

Operator of this website

NOTE: As for questions and information on cache locations and hides or the terms of use of opencaching.de please refer to kontakt@opencaching.de

Information according to §5 German Teleservices Act
Responsible as of German remote services statue / value added tax law

Opencaching Deutschland e.V.
Registered in register of associations of district court Bad Homburg v. d. H., register number 2054

Address and contact

Opencaching Deutschland e.V.
c/o Mirco Baumann
Am Sternbusch 7
46562 Voerde

E-Mail: verein@opencaching.de

Authorized to represent

Due to §10 of the associations statutes the chairman is single authorized to represent, both of the other members of the managing committee together are authorized to represent.

The managing comittee are (as of January 21th, 2018):

  • Mirco Baumann, chairman
  • Thomas Eiling, vice chairman
  • John Marco Ens, treasurer

All rights and responsibilities for articles marked with authors' names are held by the authors. If terms of use change, the new terms will be published at our hompage timely, and changes will be marked. By further using the website you will agree to the changed terms. If any of our regulations should violate applicable law or sould be invalidated by changes in law, the other regulations will not be affected. This also applies to the case that loss of validity will occur while already using this website.

Throughout the rest of this page, Opencaching.de will be used synonyme for the operator of this website.

Responsibility for extenal Links

Though we carfully supervise the contents of this website, we do not take responsibility for contents of any external links. Responsibility for linked websites lies soleley with their owners. If you find any doubtful information on sites linked from here, please inform us by email. We will examine and – if necessary – remove the link.

Terms of use

You will use this website at your own risk. Opencaching.de is not responsible for the correctness of any information published here. Opencaching.de will not be liable for any damages caused by the use of programs, documents and information provided on this website. Also, Opencaching.de ist to be kept clear of any liability claims that can be derived from damages which have been caused directly or indirectly by this website. This also applies to damages caused by malfunction or deficiency of any programs, data or documents available for download from this site.

After signing up, any user may publish text and image contents on miscellaneous pages of this site. The user must ensure that the content he publishes does not violate any applicable law. Opencaching.de may check if users will comply with these terms and encourages you to report any doubtful or illegal contents. You may use the "report" button within the cache listings or send email to kontakt@opencaching.de. The reported contents will then be checked by us and removed if necessary.

What is a "geocache" in our terms?

A geocache is a hidden container with a logbook, which has to be found by geographical coordinates. As proof of finding, the finder writes a record in the logbook. Alternatively, there may be no container, but the user will have to visit the location, maybe to a quest there, and proof this e.g. by a photo or by determining a log password on site. This type of containerless cache is called a "virtual cache".

Terms for hiding a geocache and publishing it at Opencaching.de website

  • You will hide the geocache at your own intention and risk – Opencaching.de will not be liably for any damages which may be caused by the cache. The cache owner is responsible for any damages caused by the cache.
  • Geocaches may only be hidden at publicly accessible locations.
  • Placing the geocache must be allowed by the owner or holder of the property.
  • The geocache and the listing at Opencaching.de may not contain any illegal or dangerous contents. Expecially, laws for copyright, youth protection and nature and environment protection are applicable.
  • Commercial caches are not allowed. A cache is considered commercial if it was hidden with the intention of making profit. In the case of doubt, the cache description must clarify that the cache is non-commercial. Also, the cache listing, user names and cache logs shall not contain any advertisement.
  • The cache description must point out any dangers which may arise from seeking the geocache.
  • The geocache has to be marked as geocache and must contain contact information of its owner.
  • The cache owner commits himself to keep the cache in good shape and to dispose it after use as geocache, and to eliminate any damage which have been caused by the cache.
  • The cache owner permits any third parties to publish the original (unchanged) cache description free of charge.
  • Cache logs by Opencaching.de users may not be generally prohibited. Also, users may not be forced to do log entries at other websites.
  • If the geocache is also listed at other websites, the cache description has to be kept up-to-date and complete at all websites. Description updates have to be done in the same manner at all websites.

Terms for seeking a geocache

  • You will seek geocaches at your own risk. Opencaching.de will not be liable for any damages caused by seeking a geocache.
  • When seeking a geocache, you have to comply to any applicable law, especially regarding the rights of property owners, nature protection and environment protection.
  • If you encounter a geocache violating the terms given above for hiding and listing a cache, you are obliged to report it by using the report button within the cache listing or by sending an email to kontakt@opencaching.de. This will help to ensure a good quality of website contents.

Data license

Creative Commons License Terms All Opencaching.de content which has been contributed by users is licensed under the terms of "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany", which means that you may reproduce, distribute and publish it. When doing this, the author has to be named in the form given below. The content must not be used for any commercial purpose, and you must not alter, transform, or build upon it.

The form of attribution is:

© $USERNAME, Opencaching.de, CC BY-NC-ND, as of $DATUM

The date refers to the day when the data was downloaded from www.opencaching.de, and it may be omitted for photos and log entries.

More explanations on the data license are available in the Wiki.

Due to some questions from users, we would like to point out that the Opencaching.de data license is, of course, no "exclusive" license. This means that every user may publish her contents – on the Opencaching.de website or somewhere else – under additional licenses (multiple licensing). This may be noted in the geocache descriptions and logs.

Source code license

The underlying software of the Opencaching.de platform is licensed under GNU GPL with additional restrictions. You can obtain the complete license text from here. Please note that some components of the software originate from third parties. These components may be subject to other licenses.

For a compilation of third party software components which are currently in use at www.opencaching.de, including license conditions and other information, see this document.

The source code can be obtained from GitHub.