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Opencaching Deutschland e.V.

The Opencaching Deutschland e.V. (e.V. = registered association) was founded on June 9, 2012 as new operator of the (OC) websites - including and -, and to ensure future development of OC. The association may also support other upcoming Opencaching projects.

Where is the association located?

The association's registered address is at Bad Homburg vor der Höhe near Frankfurt/Main. We chose this place because it is a central location in Germany. Eventually, the location is not important as the association nearly solely acts online. General meetings, board sessions and conferences on further development of take place via TeamSpeak. We use E-Mail and – of course – our Forum.

What do I pay as Opencaching Deutschland member?

Membership is free for active members (ordentliche Mitglieder) who directly contribute time and work to the project. We are always looking for software developers and testers, graphic designers, photographers, lectors, support people, documenters etc.! If you don't have the time for this, you may become passive member (Fördermitglied). The minimum fee for passive members is 1 Euro per month.

Where do I find the association's statutes?

You can download the current statutes here (in German).

Where do I find the membership application form?

You can download the application form here (in German).

I would like to support Opencaching, but I don't want to join the association. What else can I do?

We depend on your donations to finance the technical operation of the website. We will be glad to recieve your support via our donations page; a few Euros will already help us.

Where can I ask further questions on the association?

You are welcome to contact the chairman at