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Drive-In Geocache
IMC No. 2 P-LU – Music in the AIR

by Captain Cook     Luxembourg

N 50° 02.865' E 006° 04.769' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Available
 Hidden on: 02 September 2004
 Listed since: 06 October 2005
 Last update: 04 March 2016
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC020E
Also listed at: geocaching.com 

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The cache is a PETling. If you want to collect the hints for the other caches, so just mail me the number you can find inside the logbook, and I will send you the complete hintlist.

This cache can be searched and found like any other cache,
but ... it can be the starting point for an international cooperation as well:
This cache is just one cache of a set of 24 caches named "IMC No. 2 …" (IMC = International Multi-Cache).

These caches are hidden in 12 Countries worldwide: AU = Australia, CA = Canada, DK = Denmark, FR = France, DE = Germany, JP = Japan, LU = Luxembourg, MX = Mexico, NL = Netherlands, PT = Portugal, ZA = South Africa, ES = Spain.

In each country there is a "primary cache" like this one and a "secondary cache" that can only be found with "hints" distributed to all primary caches.

The 12 primary caches are named "IMC No. 2 P-x - yyy" and the 12 secondary caches "IMC No. 2 S-x - zzz" where x is the country code given above and yyy and zzz can be any additional name. The hints for the secondary caches are printed on "lists of hints" that are inside the primary caches. As the primary caches are scattered all over the world it will either require a lot of travelling or - and that is the intention of the IMC No. 2 - international cooperation:
If you want to find the secondary cache as well, you should contact finders of other primary IMC No. 2 caches around the world – by e-mail - and exchange the hints.

And please don't be a poor sport!

Never publish these hints anywhere! Not in a log report or on any web side. The hints shall only be exchanged / traded between geocachers that found the primary caches and want to search the secondary caches.

The IMC No. 2 team wishes you good luck!

Table with links to all 24 IMC caches

This is a drive-in cache!
Search your way to one of the highest Luxembourgian hills where RTL posts its pylons.

Additional hint   Decrypt

va n zhygv-gehap zbhagnva nfu (Fbeohf nhphcnevn)



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Log entries for IMC No. 2 P-LU – Music in the AIR    Found 19x Not found 0x Note 2x

Found 10 September 2019, 18:20 Warono found the geocache

Tftc seier fonnt

Found The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 08 August 2016, 12:25 Ingoeifel found the geocache


vielen Dank für den Cache - ohne größere Probleme gefunden.


Found 03 October 2013 Nordlandkai found the geocache

Zum Abschluß der heutigen Tour war ich auch hier.
Ich hatte nicht wirklich Musik im Ohr, sondern meinen High-Tec Gehörschutz.Aber auch so konnte ich den Cache sehr schnell finden.
Vielen Dank für die Dose.

Found 22 September 2013 wildesau1 found the geocache

Auf unserer Einkaufstour gut gefunden. TFTC

Found 17 August 2013 E-Fuzzy found the geocache

Heute haben wir diesen Cache im Rahmen unserer 5-Ländertour besucht.
Vielen Dank.

5 Länder, 600km, 15h und 34 Caches an einem Tag waren unser Beitrag zum international Geocaching-Day.

Found 15 January 2012 Lindencacher found the geocache

We have visited friends in the Eifel area and on a trip to Luxembourg we fond this nice cache near Marnach.


Found 26 June 2010 Turodagnir found the geocache

Zusammen mit mirabilos gefunden

Found Recommended 26 June 2010 mirabilos found the geocache

Found 29 December 2009 häipy found the geocache

found at 9.00 a.m.
really quiet place without the radio ;-)
in: key holder
out: TB Forest

Found 24 June 2009 karloff found the geocache

#800 - This is a nice idea. I'll look out for the other ones of this series.


Found 04 October 2007 mash71 found the geocache

After our visit of the "Family of Man" we drive to this cache that we found easily. It was the second cache of a friend of mine (Lilli_fritz) this day and the second cache of her, she ever found. I think now she's infected with the geocache virus.

IN: Travel-Bug "You're Despicable" (Duffy)
OUT: Sunhat (She liked it soooo much)


[Edit 25.10.2008]: She is infected and started geocaching a little time after that day but never logged the finds of this day.

Found 02 September 2007 Eifeltiger found the geocache

On a motorbike tour through Belgium and Luxemburg together with my daughter I found this cache today.

Thank you for the cache.

Found 19 July 2007 sp_do found the geocache

Rascher Zwischenstop mit gut zu findemdem Cache. Die Landschaft konnte ich wegen des Dauerregens leider nicht genießen :-(.

11.00h #835 NINO

Note 03 November 2005 Bilbowolf wrote a note

Please check the titel. The second "-" seems to be a "wierd" character. At least that is how it appears in the XML downlaod...

Note 02 July 2005 Diefinder wrote a note

TB GE Corporate inserted.

Many thanks Diefinder,
Rita und Jochen

Found 12 June 2005 Diefinder found the geocache

That was a rather quick find, filling the gas in Darsburg took longer

No trade

Many thanks and best regards
Diefinder (just Jochen)

Found 05 March 2005, 12:55 harrieklomp found the geocache

Easy found and find it in a fresh pack of snow (20 cm).

Gr Harrie

Pictures for this log entry:
A bit of musicA bit of music

Found 30 October 2004 Blinky Bill found the geocache

This morning it was rather misty so we couldn't see anything above there except the cache [;)]
We have hidden it more camouflaged so nobody may see it by incident.

Kerstin & Marco

Found 18 September 2004 Lion & Aquaria found the geocache

Nice and easy cache on a great Luxemburgh tour!

Found 08 September 2004 Homer Jay found the geocache

Easy drive-in cache. Maybe TB Nemo is coming soon on tv - we will see.
in : TB Nemo (wants to Euro Disney Paris)
out : coin box
Gisela & Jürgen

Pictures for this log entry:
TB Nemo nearby RTLTB Nemo nearby RTL

Found 05 September 2004 radioscout found the geocache

A fantastic cache location. Nice view on the big antennas. Now I know why I can listen to RTL in many countries.

in: top secret electronic device, scout badge, transistors and a pen
out: hint