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Collina Residenziale

 7 stations in the Centro Residenziale of the University of Calabria.

by rizzi     Italy > Calabria > Cosenza

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 39° 21.395' E 016° 13.547' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 15 May 2004
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 Last update: 31 August 2013
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Description    English  ·  Italiano

This multi-cache is located within the Centro Residenziale of the University of Calabria. Apart from the last few meters there are paved roads or stairs. For the last few meters wearing long trousers is advisable because of vegetation.

This is the first multicache in Calabria!

Station 1:

N1 = N 39° 21.395'
E1 = E 16° 13.547'

This is the entrance. You can get there by car, by bus from Cosenza (to Universita'), or by overland pullman from many locatons in Calabria.You will see a sign with the layout of the centro. Count the grey blocks (labeled with B plus a number), let their number be A.

Station 2:

N2 = N1 - 5 * A - 7
E2 = E1 + 2 * A + 4

Note: the unit in these calculations is 1/1000 minute. So for example N1+3 is N 39 21.398'.

This is one of the nicest places here. It appears to be somehow enchanted. Count the number of trees (trunks which split above ground count as one) within the confines, this is the same number as the stone benches. This number is B.

Station 3:

N3 = N2 + 5 * B + 3
E3 = E2 - 15 * B - 1

You are in a sort of center here. You can get a coffee nearby. You should notice a colorful collection of signs. Count the number of blue signs, this is C1. In the sign with most numbers let C2 be the greatest of these numbers.

Station 4:

N4 = N3 - 19 * C1
E4 = E3 - 8 * C2

Don't worry, you don't have to go vertically up here (usually it is closed anyway). It is sufficient to count the number of the large yellow rectangular plates, this is D.

Station 5:

N5 = N4 + (D-1) * 15
E5 = E4 + (D-1) * 5 + 2

You find an ancient Greek philosopher here. Find out his block number (you can find it on the floor near the entrance), call it E.

Station 6:

N6 = N5 + E + 6
E6 = E5 - 16 * E + E/2

This is a great structure, it reminds me a bit of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Walk up until you find a metal gate and enjoy the view. The gate is divided into F1 fields, where each of the fields contains F2 vertical metal rods.

Station 7:

Find the cache at these coordinates:

N7 = N1 - A - B - C1 - F1
E7 = E1 - E * F1 * F2 - C2 * D + C1 + E

The cache is a larger "Rubbermaid" type box with transparent body and yellow lid. Originally it contained:
Logbook (do not remove)
Pencil (do not remove)
Pencil Sharpener (do not remove)
Various Marbles
Audio Cassette
Pig Figure

Additional hint   Decrypt

Uvqqra oruvaq na byq phovp zrgny guvat.



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