Chacun à son goût

von cezanne     Österreich > Steiermark > Graz

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 46° 56.000' E 015° 27.800' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
 Größe: klein
Status: archiviert
 Zeitaufwand: 2:30 h 
 Versteckt am: 29. Januar 2006
 Gelistet seit: 11. Februar 2006
 Letzte Änderung: 03. Dezember 2022
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC1782
Auch gelistet auf: geocaching.com 

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Beschreibung    English

English description

This combined 6 stage mystery-multi cache leads you to a forest area. All stages except the final one are question to answer stages where you need to answer questions. The fields puzzle attribute is set because at Stages 2 and 5 questions need to be answered which require general knowledge.

Preliminaries (Please read this part before you start your hunt!)
  • The coordinates in the header are fictive!
  • Plan to spend 2-3 hours for the cache.
  • Long trousers and water-tight shoes (at least in some seasons) are recommended as you might end up in thorny or wet areas, in particular if you do not find the right paths (some of the paths shown on maps hardly exist in reality). For that reason I have set the terrain rating to 2.5* (borderline to 3* in some seasons). The technical difficulty never exceeds 2*.
  • This cache is not an ideal choice for the extended family (small children, parents, grandparents) when the family looks for a short stroll after lunch wearing Sunday clothes.
  • To fully enjoy this cache you should enjoy outdoor experiences, some basic orienteering challenges and be not bumped off by having to collect a number of variables, some of which will need some time to determine.
  • You can determine to some extent how large a challenge you would like to have. The intermediary stages can be reached in various manners, the most difficult being the trackless approach without usage of a GPS-device and the easiest being following paths most of the time and with GPS-usage.
  • There is no fixed order for visiting the intermediary stages. Two suggested orders are the increasing order starting from Stage 1 or the decreasing order starting from Stage 5. It makes sense to visit Stages 2 and 3 together. The cache is hidden somewhere in the middle of the area.
  • If you come by car, you can choose between two well-suited possibilities for leaving your car: Either north-east of Stage 1 or not far from Stage 5. If you do not mind to park at the edge of a road, there exist other possibilities as well.
  • The cache can be done also when there is snow. It will, however, become much more strenuous to reach the stages in a trackless manner under such conditions.
  • Please take care to avoid spoilers in your log!

Stage 0: At a place of your choice

Your first job will consist in determining the general cache area which lies within a circle with radius 15 km around the coordinates given in the header.

Your basic tool for this cache will be the following treasure map.

The following comments should assist you in interpreting the treasure map in the right way.
  • The map is based on a section of the AMAP and is drawn to scale (1:50000). Most details are left out.
  • The map shows five locations that play a role in this cache and are marked each by a circle with an enclosed number. The black curve pieces depict pieces of paths which are however drawn in a unified way regardless of their importance and size to make your task more difficult.
  • The puzzle below will provide you with a hint for the location 4 on the treasure map. This should enable you to calibrate the treasure map with the AMAP (that's an important step in particular to identify Stage 3!)

The Puzzle


The solution to the puzzle consists of a word which consists of two parts P1 and P2.
Let us start with the second part which will be easier to obtain for most of you, and which might also help you to direct your thoughts about the first part into the right direction.

  • P2: The second part of the word (in German) associated with the right half of the picture above.
  • P1: The first part of the last name (adopted name) of the man depicted in the left half of the picture above. This man, an illegitimate child of poor parents, lived in the last century, was born in Upper-Austria and died in Germany still in his thirties.
  • Q1: The first name of the man depicted in the left half of the picture above.
  • Q2: The first part of the word associated with the right half of the picture above.
  • X: Determine all letters which occur in both Q1 and Q2. Add up their position numbers in the alphabet to obtain X.

Stage 1: Location 1

Task 1: (Changed December 2016): There used to be a prohibition sign at this location which apparently got lost. Around the key object at this location you will find wooden posts. How many approximately? ´

Set A depending on the answer.
  • A=4: 0-3 posts
  • A=6: 4-6 posts
  • A=3: 7-9 posts
  • A=7: 10-12 posts
  • A=5: more than 12 posts
Task 2: Look around yourself. Which of the following objects can you see not far from the pond? Do not let you trick by the vegetation which is denser than it used to be when the cache got hidden.

Set B depending on the answer as follows:
  • B=11: raised-hide
  • B=25: bridge
  • B=34: bench
  • B=41: fodder-rack
  • B=49: a small wooden hut

Stage 2: Location 2

When I stumbled years ago by chance over this location, I was quite surprised about it. All questions are to be answered from the outside!

Task 3: (changed in July 2014) Watch out for a large round hole in the wall (at ground level) that formerly contained a big fan that I referred to as "wheel of time".

Choose C depending on where the hole is located as follows:
  • C=3: to the left of the first large square
  • C=7: between the first and the second square
  • C=5: between the second and the third square
  • C=6: between the third and the fourth square
  • C=4: to the right of the fourth square
In case of doubt consult the hint.
Task 4: Watch out for a name (consisting of two words) which can be seen as a strong commitment of faith (formulated in a modern way).
Comments added March 2021 and October 2022: The words and the surrounding colours have faded out over time. The hint might help you to spot the right place to which you to pay close attention. One of the words got sprayed over. The question got thus changed in October 2022.
  • D: Take the position number of the first letter of the first word in our alphabet and add 6.

Task 5:
Determine the two colours (meanwhile a bit faded out, but still recognizable, ignore the surrounding black) which dominate the arrangement of the name referred to in Task 4 . Find out the European country whose national flag is coloured with these two colours (and no other ones) and which breaks up into the largest number of pieces (=parts of the flag that are coloured with a different colour than the neighbouring area).
  • F: The number of vowels (not necessarily distinct) in the name of the capital of the country determined above.
  • G: The number of other countries that can be reached from the country above by road connections without visiting any other country inbetween.

Task 6: (Changed in 2012 since the coat of arms went missing except a very small rest of it) Watch out for a green door.
  • H: The number of small windows in the first floor (upper floor) of the building into which the green door leads to (the door got trampled and damaged in 2014 according to edorian, so look carefully!; it's not the same building than the one used for obtaining C!)

Stage 3: Location 3

This location (do not confuse it with Stage 2!) has changed in recent years. On the AMAP at Stage 3 two objects are shown. The smaller of the two is hardly visible nowadays as it is very overgrown. As I do not want to send you into thorny areas, I decided to change the tasks at this stage.

Task 7: (Changed in 2012) From Stage 3 continue further on the path that brings you from Stage 2 to Stage 3. After less than 200m (from Stage 3, not Stage 2) you should come to an area where you encounter several border stones all of the same type.
  • M: The number that results by translating the two letters that can be found on each of the boundary stones by means of the keypad code of portable phones. (Do not compute the sum and replace each letter by a single digit!)
  • J: Set J depending on the predominant colour of the border stones as follows
    • J=20: white
    • J=50: blue
    • J=30: yellow
    • J=60: orange
    • J=40: red

Stage 4: Location 4

Task 8: (Changed in October 2022) What is the predominant colour of the background in the painting to be found at the man-made object?
  • O: Set O depending on the colour as follows
    • O=7: orange
    • O=19: green
    • O=26: blue
    • O=31: dark brown
    • O=41: red

Task 9: Measure the coordinates of Stage 4.
  • P: The integral part of the minutes of the latitude.
  • Q: The integral part of the minutes of the longitude.

Stage 5: Location 5

Task 10: What is the name of the person playing the key role at this place? (In case of doubt take the person who lived a very long time ago.)
  • S: The position of the first letter of the person's name in the alphabet.

Task 11: What is the name of the permanent floral decoration at this place (i.e., the place associated with the previous task)? [In case of doubt please consult the hint.]
  • R: The position of the first letter of the floral name in the alphabet.

Stage 6: The cache N 46° P.T', E 015° Q.U' (New hideout 2012)

  • T = (M-H-3) * (B-A) - F*O + S
  • U = (C+D+G+H+J) * R - 5*X + F

In May 2012 I moved the hideout as the area around the old one has changed to its negative considerably within the last years.

The reception in the target area is not the best. I recommend to bring along the spoiler photos. If you end up in a thorny area, you are wrong. You might try to apply the offset N +0.005' and E +0.015' to the calculated final coordinates.

The cache box is a small lock and lock container. It is covered with pieces of bark and wood to avoid that it is found by chance. As the box is not very large, large trading items and large TBs will not fit into the box.

Please be careful when retrieving and rehiding the cache. It is not too far from the nearest paths (of which there exist a great number in the target area).

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[EN, Puzzle, P1:] Bpgbore Gjraglfvk, Yvam
[EN, Stage 1, B:] AJ
[EN, Stage 2, C:] Nqq gjb gb gur ahzore bs yrggref bs gur oyhr jbeq (evtug bs ubyr).
[EN, Stage 2, D, Hint:] Yrsg bs ynetr ragenapr
[EN, Stage 2, H, Check:] Rira
[EN, Stage 2, Sanity check:] Fhz bs ahzoref bognvarq ng Fgntr 2 qvivfvoyr ol sbhe.
[EN, Stage 5, Hint 1:] sybjre
[EN, Stage 5, Hint 2:] juvgr, abg va infr/cbg
[EN, Cache, Hint:] gerr fghzc, pybfr gb tebhcf bs sve gerrf



Spoiler: Hideout (close-up), 2016
Spoiler: Hideout (close-up), 2016
Spoiler: Hideout (general area), 2016
Spoiler: Hideout (general area), 2016
Spoler: Hideout (close-up), 2016: Cache at left side of photo
Spoler: Hideout (close-up), 2016: Cache at left side of photo


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archiviert 03. Dezember 2022 cezanne hat den Geocache archiviert

As announced in advance I am archiving this cache as the circumstances do not make it possible to keep in a form which meets the spirit of the cache. I will pick up the final container soon.

kann gesucht werden 07. November 2022 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

Alert: This cache will get archived at the end of November 2022.

For the moment, I made small adaptions based on the input provided by magicschurl (thank you so much) directly after his visit as a a quick fix just in case anyone has already started the cache and wants it get finished.

The days of the cache are counted for a number of reasons. It is not possible to keep it alive without changing its spirit which I do not want to do. Moreover, the community and its preferences have changed that much since the cache got hidden and most cachers these days play a smartphone game anyway which has nothing in common with the activity I started in 2002.
The AL mania (which is particularly going strong in the area around this cache and very exclusive) manages to entirely ruin my last bit of motivation to keep my caches alive if they start to have troubles.

Hinweis Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. Die Cachebeschreibung ist in Ordnung. 17. Februar 2018 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Short version : I checked all stages and the final today. Everything is ok.

Long version: Today after having went for a cache walk with AnnaMoritz we still had time and felt motivated for a further walk. Then AnnaMoritz mentioned this cache of mine and so we spontaneously decided to go for it together. AnnaMoritz had solved the puzzle part a long time ago and even managed to come up with some answers in advance with her typical sort of approach mixing intuition, knowledge and analytic abilities.

Today was nevertheless most probably not the best day to do this cache as we both came unprepared for the this cache endeavour. Neither of us two had brought along the cache listing and AnnaMoritz did not have brought along her map file. Looking up a long and complex cache description on a smartphone in winter time is not really a pleasant experience either. I tried to jump in and provided some information on the location of the stages to be visited and the tasks to be visited there off my head but I'm not sure whether what I did was more confusing than helpful. Probably if I would had intended to provide wrong or misleading information I would not have been as successful as was today when trying to be helpful.

We visited all stages. Everything which is required for obtaining the cache variables is still there. The two colours which play a role in Task 5 have got quite faded out but are still recognizable.

When it came to visiting the final, I topped what I happened before. In order to allow us to head for the final immediately before AnnaMoritz was able to finish the calculations I provided AnnaMoritz with what I thought to be the coordinates of the final. Once there the experience was similar to what happened to me in December 2016 when I ended up with searching for my own cache for quite a while. AnnaMoritz then found the cache container which is in proper condition with the help of the spoiler photo. Later I realized why the coordinates I used today and in December 2016 were off while noone else reported problems of that type. I had stored the old coordinates prior to 2012 in my GPS-r. I wonder how stupid one can be. Anyway, the coordinates obtained from the formula are not that bad given the jumpy reception in the area and should suffice to find the cache. In case of problems you might try to use the correction N -0.004 or the one mentioned in AnnaMoritz's log. In any case I recommend to bring along the spoiler photograph.

Those who have not yet visited this cache but wish to do so, are recommended to schedule their visit for the next months. I'm not sure how long I will stay motivated to keep this cache which anyway does not match my personal caching preferences. The way how geocaching has developed in the last years does not add to my motivation.

BTW: The cache name is not related to the different attitudes of cachers on geocaching ethics or rules. It rather alludes to the different types of involved locations on the one hand and to the different ways of approaching the stages (with or without GPS-r) on the other hand.

kann gesucht werden 23. Dezember 2016 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

Today I visited Stages 1, 2, 4 and the final. I exchanged the old container against a new one and added new spoiler photos which take into account how the area has changed since 2012. Moreover, I adapted the description of Stage 1 and provided an offset for the final coordinates which might be a bit off.

The cache is now again ready for further visitors. This maintenance run will be the last one. If the cache will have an issue in the future, I will let it go and archive it. If you have already invested time into the cache, try to visit it within the next couple of months.

Please find details on my changes below.

Stage 1: The prohibition sign got lost - I added a new question for A. The nearby object (needed for B) is still there, but is harder to see than back when I have hidden this cache. I added a few extra words to the description and a hint for where to look.

Stage 2: Everything alright. When a cacher contacted me a few days ago when I was away from Graz, I got confused about C. The wheel got lost some years ago, but this change has already been taken already into account in the cache description quite some time ago. Nevertheless I added an extra hint which provides an alternative manner to obtain C just in case someone else runs into the same problem.

Stage 4: Ok.

Final: Coming from the wrong direction I ended up in a thorny area myself. I could not remember how exactly the hideout looked like and I did not have the spoiler photo with me. The area has changed since my last visit. The frozen ground did not make things easier. Finally I found the cache container under some frozen camouflage which I had to remove with some gentle application for force.

As the log book was damp and the cache container quite dirty (which probably caused it to leak a bit), I decided to leave a new container and a new log book. I forgot however to bring a zip lock bag for the log book - right now it is wrapped into a thin and not very adequate plastic bag. Could the next finder please be so kind to help me out and place the log book into a zip lock bag (1l or smaller) - the log book is a small orange spiral note book as it is often used for caches.

Today the reception was somehow jumpy. I obtained the impression that my coordinates are a bit off. I took a new measurement (averaged over 200 readings) but unfortunately I was so clumsy to delete this new waypoint when I was in a hurry due to some other obligation. I tried to reconstruct the measurement from my track data and added the resulting offset of N + 0.005' and E + 0.015' to the cache description (as an offset you could try to use if you happen to have problems to find the cache). If I get confirmation that the resulting coordinates are better than the old ones, I will adapt the formula for the final - so far I left it unchanged. Future finders are invited to send me the coordinates they obtained at the final location.

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Hinweis 17. September 2015 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

I slightly adapted the colour list for variable O at Stage 4 to remove any potential ambiguity which weather induced changes over the years might have caused. Thanks for the detailed log feedback (on gc.com).

kann gesucht werden 12. Juli 2014 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

The wheel of time at Stage 2 is gone. I thank Edorian for having mentioned his problems in the log (something not normal any longer) which made me aware of the issue. I changed the question for variable C. So please either use the new description or update the question for C on your printout. Everything else stayed the same.

Das Rad der Zeit bei Station 2 ist verschwunden. Ich bedanke mich bei Edorian, dass er seine Probleme im Log erwaehnt hat (heutzutage leider nicht mehr der Normalfall) und ich daher auf das Problem aufmerksam wurde. Ich habe die Frage fuer C veraendert. Bitte die neue Beschreibung nutzen oder die Frage zur Variable C aum Ausdruck aktualisieren. Alles andere blieb unveraendert.

Hinweis 18. Mai 2012 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

I modified the tasks at Stages 2 and 3, relocated the cache container and added a spoiler photograph. Moreover, I rewrote parts of the introductory section of the cache description to make it more clear to which audience this cache is directed and to avoid disappointments. For these reasons I recommend to create a new printout and not use the old one.

The reason why I moved the cache container is that the area around the old hideout has changed unfavourably. Due to tree cutting activities some years ago, parts of the area started to get overgrown.
The old hideout was better protected against water, but I hope that the old container (which was still in good condition in May 2012) will survive in the new hideout even though not being one of these modern fancy lock and lock containers. In case you are interested into this cache, plan to visit it in 2012 as I do not want to further maintain it in the long run.

gefunden Empfohlen 23. Dezember 2008 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Mal wieder ein etwas (im positiven Sinne) "anderer" Cache :-)

Lange hat er mich abgeschreckt. Vielleicht wegen des (für mich) unaussprechlichen Namens? oder wegen der langen Beschreibung? Keine Ahnung...

Nun wars aber an der Zeit, und so hab ich mir den Rätselteil mal genauer angeschaut. Der war eigentlich (wider Erwarten) ziemlich leicht.
Bei der Lokalisierung der Schatzkarte hatte ich so meine Probleme. Mir war klar wonach ich suche, war aber in der falschen ecke unterwegs :-)

Nach einem Hinweis der ownerin, ging alles wie von selbst. Bis auf den Final war das GPS beinahe nur ein Begleiter.

Die Antworten waren (mit den Hints) schnell ermittelt.
Die Gegend um Stage2 war mir schon bekannt, weil es mich da mal (zufällig) mit meinrm Motorrad dahin verschlagen hat.

Alles in Allem ein wirklich netter Cache, der weit weniger aufwändig war als "befürchtet".

Hinweis 20. September 2008 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

PlanetEarth and his team got everything right with the exception of one value at Stage 5. I have now added an additional hint to make sure that this type of mistake can be avoided (something I wanted to take care of already a while ago, but for certain reasons I forgot this issue). It appears to me that this stage has changed in a minor way since my last visit. I am very sorry for the inconveniences this has caused.

I will do my best to keep this cache alive until the next visit of PlanetEarth to the area. The team has really deserved to finish this cache successfully.

The cache has in any case survived the storm Paula since myself and RhodoDendron have visited it after the storm.

gefunden Empfohlen 20. Juni 2008 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Hatte vor einiger Zeit schon mal vorbeigeschaut, damals aber schnell gemerkt, daß ich nicht gut genug vorbereitet war. Diesmal war das anders und so konnte ich die einzelnen Schauplätze rasch und zuverlässig ausmachen. Ein paar Probleme gabs aber dennoch: Erst stand ich mit der englischen Sprache etwas auf Kriegsfuß, was zu einigen Irritationen führte, und dann war ich mir über die Farbe von S4 sehr unsicher. All das war aber harmlos gegen S5, wo es mich mit der floralen Dekoration ordentlich vertragen hat (dieses Näpfchen drängt sich einem aber auch wirklich förmlich auf). Bei der Cache-Suche wurde mir dann relativ schnell klar, daß da etwas nicht stimmte. Also schnell beim Owner rückgefragt und ebensoschnell eine Antwort erhalten (Danke!), die mich wieder in die Spur gesetzt hat. Vielleicht täusch ich mich, aber beim Cache "riecht" es mE. ein bisschen nach Forstarbeiten. Der Cache und sein Versteck sind aber auf alle Fälle tadellos in Ordnung.
Alles in allem: Sehr kreative Aufgabenstellung, tolle Tour!


Hinweis 10. Dezember 2006 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[EN:] Today I visited all stages of the cache. The coat of arms at Stage 2 (needed for obtaining H) is indeed in bad condition. To avoid any problems at this stage, I added a workaround which can be used if the coat of arms disappears. (Please note the new parts of the description.) The cache is in good condition and waits for further visitors.

[DE:] Heute machte ich einen Wartungsbesuch bei allen Stationen dieses Caches. Das Wappen bei Station (erforderlich fuer Variable H) ist in der Tat in schlechtem Zustand. Um eventuell dadurch auftretende Probleme zu verhindern, habe ich eine alternative Variante zur Bestimmung von H dazugefuegt. (Bitte den Zusatz zur Beschreibung beachten.) Der Cache ist in gutem Zustand und wartet auf weitere Besucher.

gefunden 05. November 2006 Schuhhirsch hat den Geocache gefunden

Dieser Cache ist mir schon lange 'ein Dorn im Auge': GSAK's Liste aller Caches zeigt mir 'Chacun...' schon ewig als nicht gefunden an, und zwar gaaanz oben, als nächstliegender Cache zu unserer Wohnung, gefolgt von 20 'Found'...
Das Foto in der Beschreibung war die größte Hürde, doch dank Internet konnte dieses Problem gelöst werden.
Wir haben die Stages in ansteigender Reihenfolge bewältigt, bei 2a den Hint verwendet, und bei 5 einen Telefonjoker bemüht.
Der Cache selbst war dann schnell entdeckt (wieder von Lalex).

Der Sonntag war ein genialer Tag zum Cachen: sonnig, nicht zu warm, keine Mücken, wunderschöne Gegend.

In: Geocoin 'Launched...', Zahnrad
Out: Plastikfrosch

gefunden 28. April 2006 Waldschratbrigade TLU hat den Geocache gefunden

Dieser Cache führte uns zu so manch interessanten Punkt und ließ uns ab und an staunen. Den Cache selbst war mit Hilfe eines Telefonjokers beim 2. Anlauf rasch gefunden. (Manchmal sieht man den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht.)

Danke Cezanne für diesen fordernden und interessanten Cache.


gefunden 12. März 2006 j-blue hat den Geocache gefunden

Das Anfangsrätsel zu lösen war schon schwierig, zum Glück aber spuckte Mr. Google nach dem ich ihn lange genug gequält hatte den richtigen Namen aus
Der Rest war eine nun ja sagen wir mal Kooperation mit Mario, nachdem ich ja telefonisch seiner Suche beiwohnte kriegte ich so einiges mit
Vor Ort war keine Menschenseele, wohl aufgrund der widrigen Wetterbedingungen, meine Koordinaten waren etwas daneben, nach kurzer ausgeweiteter Suche wurde ich aber doch noch fündig.

In: Freisprech-Kabel, VE Ballograph
Out: Fisch

gefunden 18. Februar 2006 DeeJay58 hat den Geocache gefunden

Vorweg: Da ich Ferien habe, habe ich auch Ferien von Englisch! Daher Deutsch...

War heute zum zweiten Mal dort um bei einer späteren Station nochmal vorbeizuschauen um eine Korrektur an meinen Endkoordinaten vornehmen zu können. Den Cache dann nach kurzer Suche gefunden. Es war übrigens schon ziemlich gatschig und das wird bei dem schönen Wetter noch schlimmer werden. Wer sich , seine Schuhe und Hose nicht ganz versauen will, sollte den Cache noch dieses Wochenende machen - sonst erst wieder in ein paar Wochen, bzw. im Frühling.

Beim ersten Besuch ging eigentlich das meiste ganz gut. Meine Flat-Rate-Telefonjokerin (wir haben wirklich fast den ganzen Spaziergang lang telefoniert) machte die ersten Berechnungen und half mir auch so manchmal weiter. Nach ein paar Meinungsverschiedenheiten (G) und einem kleinen Denkfehler von j_blue klappte dann doch fast alles.

Interessante Gegend mit ein paar netten Platzerln.

Out: TB
In: ich habs vergessen...

gefunden 17. Februar 2006 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Quel Cache?
Heute nachmittag wollten wir schnell diesen Cache holen gehen da wir dachten die endgültigen Cache koordinaten zu haben. Irgendwie war in umkreis von 150m der Koordinaten nichts zu finden.

Nach einen Hilfe anruf bei AJ der uns die Cache Location beschrieben hat waren wir der Meinung, dass wir richtig sein müssten.

Durch blödes herumreden mit AJ sind wir auf unseren Fehler (ein Wert der für uns eindeutig war, war noch falsch) drauf gekommen.

Mit den richtigen koordinaten haben wir den Cache schnell gefunden. Übrigens: die Idee zu unserem Nieten-Cache (GCTCYK) ist in so einer situation geboren.

No Trade

Angi & Martin

Hinweis 12. Februar 2006 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[EN:] Congratulations to the two first finders and thank you for the feedback to all cachers you solved the puzzle that fast (BTW: it has been set up intentionally in a way to allow various different ways to obtain the solution) and went for the cache despite the snow.

I made a small change in the description of J. Moreover, I added two entries to the hint section: one for C and one as a sanity check to help future cachers to sanity check their results before proceeding to further stages.

[DE:] Gratulation den beiden Erstfindern und danke fuer das Feedback an alle Cacher, die das Raetsel so schnell geloest
(das uebrigens absichtlich so gestaltet wurde, dass es mehrere Wege gibt, um zur Loesung zu kommen) haben und sich trotz Schnee auf die Suche gemacht haben.

Ich habe die Beschreibung fuer J geringfuegig abgeaendert.
Ausserdem habe ich zwei zusaetzliche Hinweise zu Station 2 gegeben. Einen zu C, und einen als Pruefmoeglichkeit, die es erlauben sollte gewisse Fehler fruehzeitig zu erkennen.

gefunden 12. Februar 2006 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

13:54 CET - FTF for Team gert/aj-gps

When I noticed this nice cache yesterday it took me a few minutes to solve the puzzle. Exchanging mails with cezanne we noticed that I made, as usual, quite a stupid mistake with X..
Anyway, today I went to the cache area by car even though that's within my usual "bike distance", but as I wasn't feeling well recently I decided not to go there by bike.
After visiting all locations I had some coordinates, but at the target area I was quite lost in the wood, so I returned to stage 3 to recheck my values.
Arriving at stage 3 I met Gert and we compared our solutions. I had two small mistakes, he had a wrong country..
Together we went to the (now correct) coordinates of the final stage and after a few minutes we found the cache box.
Thanks for this nice cache.