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Planetenweg Warnemünde - innen

 Inner part of the planet trail in Warnemünde

di jennergruhle     Germania > Mecklenburg-Vorpommern > Rostock, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 54° 10.893' E 012° 05.157' (WGS84)

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 Dimensioni: piccola
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 Tempo necessario: 0:30 h   Lunghezza percorso: 1.0 km
 Nascosta il: 22. luglio 2010
 Pubblicata dal: 22. luglio 2010
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 01. agosto 2021
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCAB3D
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A planet trail is a particular type of trail where the trail is along a scaled model of the solar system.
Usually, the planets and the sun will be set up at the proper scale in size and distance along the track.

Here in Warnemünde, a scale of 1:1 000 000 000 can be found where a planet trail extends over six miles, when Pluto is included (Pluto is now no longer considered a planet).
Next to each miniature planet there is an information table with important information such as diameter, rotation around the sun, temperature, solar and earth distance.

In this very commonly used scale, the movement of a wanderer at 5 km/h (about 1.4 m/s) is scaled to more than four times the speed of light, which corresponds to 30 cm/s.
He begins at the sun, a sphere of 1.39 m (1390 mm) in diameter.
After 58 meters, he has arrived at the Mercury, a sphere of 4.9 mm in diameter. For Venus he needs another 50 meters, it is 12.1 mm in diameter.
The earth will be found with a diameter of 12.7 mm after the shortest distance found between two planets, of 41 meters.
It is surrounded in 38 cm circles by the moon with 3.5 mm diameter. To the 6.8 mm Mars it is another 78 meters.
Here is the end of the "inner" solar system, at a distance of 228 meters from the sun.

The cache "Planetenweg Warnemünde - innen" ends right here. The continuation is then the forthcoming cache "Planetenweg Warnemünde - außen".

All information tables are located on the beach promenade of Warnemünde. Use the information (numbers) on the panels, the target coordinates
can be extracted there by filling in the underlines (_).

The final location is a few hundred meters south of the beach promenade, around the area of Mars and Jupiter.

Source of general information about planetary trails: Wikipedia


The start is on the large golden ball of the sun. Look at the tables there.
The information can then be retrieved (without arithmetic) ther and used directly for the information of the target coordinaten.

The following figures are to be found here at the sun and in the following tables to Mars (The _ are to be filled in):

A=0: Sonne 39,2 239_ 5870
B=6: Sonne etwa _ km beträgt
C=8: Merkur 5_,6
D=0: Venus 1_8 Mill.
E=4: Erde 12._.
F=6: Erde ,25_ Tage
G=1: Mond 1/8_ der
H=2: Mars 2_8 Mill

Final: N54° 1A.BCD E012° 0E.FGH

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trovata 18. settembre 2021 AnRot ha trovato la geocache

Heute mit Tumdah gemeinsam den Planetenweg hier in Warnemünde gemacht. Alles gut gefunden, auf dieser wunderschönen Runde.


trovata 17. settembre 2021, 09:12 DoreenSchwarze ha trovato la geocache

Schwieriger wäre es  wenn die Lösungen nicht in der Beschreibung stehen...

disponibile 01. agosto 2021 jennergruhle fatto manutenzione sulla cache

Die Deaktivierung war ein Versehen (Verwechslung mit anderem Cache). Diese Dose ist vorhanden und wurde in den letzten Tagen mehrfach gefunden.

temporaneamente non disponibile 27. luglio 2021 jennergruhle ha disabilitato la cache

Hier ist momentan nicht an die Dose zu kommen. Ich muss mir ein spezielles Werkzeug zur Bergung bauen.

/ There is currently no way to reach the cache container. I have to build a special tool for salvage of the container.

Nota The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. The geocache description is ok. 19. luglio 2021 jennergruhle ha scritto una nota

Der Cache ist auch auf anderen Plattformen gelistet - also z.B. bei geocaching.com (siehe Link hier im Listing), und dortige Cacher haben ihn in den letzten Tagen mehrfach erfolgreich gefunden.