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Arcanos Mayores: Le Mat

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Self limiting thoughts, walks free sleeping under the stars, sheltered by the universe that lives in his being because he feels it is part of the universe, there are no limits.


This cache is located in a pasture that was created in the 30 to retrieve the old oak whose wood was used to obtain charcoal (hence the place names in Dehesa de Navalcarbón and Casting Vadeastillas) being replanted with pines. A great place for starting this Opencaching SERIES.


Why this card called The Fool, it is called in some tarot cards, such as Marseilles, Le Mat? That term, Mat, is closely related to the dye mate or the mast of a ship, but derives from the Arabic as-sah mat (a), which means "the king is dead." Indeed, this expression is translated when we play chess with the phrase "checkmate." Thus, in ancient Persia, for example, the king and the game of chess had a name: Shah (who does not remember the last shah of Persia, Reza Pahlavi, who ruled until 1979?) And mat (a) ( means "end in despair"). In other words, the king is in a hopeless situation, desperate, a situation of madness ... Have given mate. Is this the situation where the character is represented in this card and seems to actually run a hurry? Involution.EVOLUTION


Yes, except it does not flee, but, having become aware of who is in a hopeless situation, he decided to turn back, or more accurately, to perform the famous "inversion of light" that appears in The Star, the seventeenth Arcane higher. Make a return on their steps, a regression, involution, twenty-second Major Arcana tarot what is called a Teshouvah in Hebrew, that is, a return while a penance. The word repentance has taken a pejorative connotation and restrictive, far from their original meaning, for us, is always associated with the idea of being punished or pay for its own failings. The proof is that the prison is where someone purge their sentences.

However, the Teshouvah has rather a parallel with the hexagram 24 of the I Ching: the Renewal. This "renewal" is identified with the return of light, it was gone. "The return is based on the course of nature, called the I Ching. The movement is circular. The route is just about herself. Therefore, we must not hasten anything artificially. Everything happens spontaneously when his time comes. This is the Way of Heaven and Earth, "says a passage from the I-Ching. Our character is realized, then, must return to the starting point, back to the origins, regress to evolve. For this reason, the Fool is at the same time, the last major arcanum, or more precisely, a mystery greater than most, with the number 22 and the first or, more precisely, one before the first (as there the penultimate), with the number zero, zero of the origins of nowhere and all.

Le Mat says - "The food we give is the result of the learning experience is the initial force balm where continuous day and night cycles are fully attached to life and death.I'm in a no-time continuum and bless this land recalling and expanding the firstborn spirit evolves in all directions while

My great friend, the dog continues to grow me unconditional love. I Spirit and animal force that dwells in all, we are the perfect alchemy in which the ego is the disciple of the spirit.

Walk, walk all the trails, see the infinity of the universe, you have to this land your home, you are a universal being in an eternal beginning to develop and expand the creative energy in this eternal here and now. "



In Chuck

"In my end is my beginning ', say the Gospels. Here we also find the deep meaning of the symbol of the cross, represented by the Hebrew letter assigned to the Fool, the TGV, whose numerical value is 400, and its meaning is "the mark, the sign." In ancient times, was represented by an X, before taking the form of our T, through the Greek letter Tau. This meaning refers to the meeting after the separation or to bring together what was separated at first. All this is what represents the Fool and to what tends and runs, before turning to find its source. Contrary to what is thought or said of him, not run away, not lost. Is decided, walk steadily. Know where it goes: to himself.Take the world as a bundle or, more accurately, The World, that is, all it means the twenty-first Major Arcana. And if that is crazy, as the name might suggest, this is the madness to which we alluded in speaking of the Sun, the nineteenth Major Arcana.This is divine wisdom, which is pure madness in this world. As for the creature that pursues him and seems to want to keep him holding on to him and even tries to bite, and that has all the traits of a dog, it is actually a jackal. Perhaps referring to Anubis, Egyptian god of the dead, represented by a man with head of a jackal. Thus, death can not retain our Loco, which has become "as strong as death!"


Lack of common sense. Potential strength of will and skill. The spirit in search of experience. Audacity, extravagance. Neglect, little reflection. Disorientation, immaturity imbalance. Lightness. Indiscretion and superficiality.

- Item

- Travel

- Return arrival, he goes to someone or going somewhere, someone is coming toward us

- Change

- Evolution

- Progress

- Feat

- Situation to be mastered

- Aim to get ...


Passions and obsessions, indecision, irrationality, apathy, complications. Wrong decisions, loss, abandonment, immobilization. Madness. Overflow psychological and emotional. Travel hampered.

- Wandering

- Loss

- Goose chase

- Involution

- Regression

- Madness

- Flight

- Error ...

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gefunden 28. Mai 2011 manumano hat den Geocache gefunden


El libro está muy mojado.


gefunden 02. Februar 2011 El Botas de GEA hat den Geocache gefunden

Encontrado sin problemas en unas buenas coordenadas, en compañía de Churro.


gefunden 02. Februar 2011 Churro hat den Geocache gefunden

Hemos aprovechado, el Botas y yo, que teníamos que probar el nuevo Sportiva, para darnos una vuelta por la dehesa para buscar este caché.

Original contenedor Zwinkernd



gefunden 02. Januar 2011 sebring25 hat den Geocache gefunden

Hemos aprovechado esta soleada mañana para dar una vuelta por la dehesa. Lo hemos encontrado rapidamente, en unas buenas coordenadas. Gracias por el cache.

gefunden 19. Dezember 2010 Tenwolf hat den Geocache gefunden

Mi primer OPEN. Muy chulo y bien camuflado a pesar de lo que he ido "directo".

Muchas gracias por él.

gefunden 12. Dezember 2010 CAYO GERMANICO hat den Geocache gefunden

Aprovechando la hora de la siesta, me he ido a buscarlo.

Encontrado perfectamente en una coordenadas precisasWink.

Gracias por el cache.


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