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Via Alpina - the Gate to the Mediterranean

 This Multi- Cache takes you along the first stretch of the Red Trail of the Via Alpina

di micha_riz     Francia

Attenzione! Questa geocache è "archiviata"! Non c'è un contenitore fisico alle coordinate specificate (o a quelle che devono essere determinate). L'interesse del luogo non è necessariamente la ricercare!

N 43° 44.053' E 007° 25.076' (WGS84)

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 Pubblicata il: 05. febbraio 2014
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 13. agosto 2017
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Fully integrated in the environment by using mostly virtual caches as well as riddles, the sustainable Multi- Cache will take you through breathtaking landscapes, ancient villages and unique spots encompassing Monaco, Italy and France.

The Via Alpina is a network of 5 walking trails across the eight countries of the Alpine region, more than 5000km long and with 342 day stages. This Multi- Cache is placed along the first 13 stages of the Red Trail of the Via Alpina, from Monaco to Castérino.

Like other Multi- Caches this cache involve more locations, with the final location being a physical container with a logbook inside. It uses "virtual" stages without containers (like virtual caches). The location of the final stage is determined from information found on existing objects, monuments, plaques, public art or places. You find the locations of all stages but the final published, and each of these stages provides part of the information needed to find the final.

Combine serious wanderlust with a hunger for treasure hunting!!


Riddle: Final Cache 

In order to find the final Cache simply fill in your answers in the appropriate blanks.

N[(F*L) -D]°0.[A+C][N]   E00[K]°[(G*H)*I].[J-M][E][O]

The right coordinates will lead you to a comfortable Auberge where you can fill up your Energy and where you should ask for the treasure chest. All the best!

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Punto di riferimento
N 44° 05.976'
E 007° 25.076'
Starting Point:
The train is the easiest and most comfortable way to reach Monaco. Close to the train station you will find the tourist information where you can get a city map of Monaco. This starting point is in walking distance. Here you will find information about the Via Alpina and its spirit.
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 44.240'
E 007° 24.237'
Waypoint A:
This location offers a stunning sea view. What letter do you see on the ground?
a) T (=0)
b) H (=1)
c) S (=2)
A= _____
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 44.780'
E 007° 24.041'
Waypoint B:
Air-drying uses less energy, which saves money and makes less of an impact on the environment. How many piece of clothing do hang on the clothesline?
a) 5
b) 1
c) 27
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 46.712'
E 007° 22.956'
Waypoint C:
After a steep ascent you will find a water fountain at the beginning of the small village Peillon. Find the house number 2: Count the number of stairs leading to the door.
a) 32
b) 8
c) 76
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 48.177'
E 007° 24.085'
Waypoint D:
The village square of Peille invites to linger a while. Fill up your energy tank at the small restaurant, the grocery shop or the bakery. The square is named after a famous poet, composer and controversial live performer whose career in France dominated the years after the Second World War until his death. What`s his name? Look out for a stone tablet.
a) Leo Ferré (=20)
b) Georges Brassens (=40)
c) Jacques Brel (=60)
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 50.702'
E 007° 24.698'
Waypoint E:
Count the number of rungs on a green ladder.
a) 2
b) 5
c) 7
E= ____
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 53.519'
E 007° 27.062'
Waypoint F:
By the wayside you will find a round stone. Which roman number is engraved?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 8
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 55.025'
E 007° 27.062'
Waypoint G:
Welcome to the “Parc Natural du Mercantour”. Which of the following activities is not allowed?
a) hiking (=10)
b) cycling (=5)
c) bird watching (=15)
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 57.573'
E 007° 31.805'
Waypoint H:
What`s the name of this path? Look out for a yellow plaque.
a) Sentier Vallée de la Roya (=3)
b) Sentier Vallée de la Fontan (=6)
c) Sentier Vallée de la Menton (=9)
H= ______
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 58.009'
E 007° 36.038'
Waypoint I:
What do you find at the mountain pass?
a) Symbol of Prisoners of War (=22)
b) Symbol of oil Industry (=12)
c) Symbol of Christianity (=2)
I= _____
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 58.201'
E 007° 38.406'
Waypoint J:
Which year is engraved in the border stone with the letter I?
a) 158
b) 355
c) 227
J= _ _ _ -> find the sum of the numbers _ _-> find the sum again _
Punto di riferimento
N 44° 02.203'
E 007° 41.003'
Waypoint K:
You will find a stone with the name of “Gemellaccio Triora Briga”. Which date is engraved on this stone?
a) 22.04.97
b) 27.09.02
c) 31.07.05
K= _ _ _ -> find the sum of the numbers _ _-> find the sum again _
Punto di riferimento
N 44° 03.672'
E 007° 42.752'
Waypoint L:
On the way down towards the giant Jesus statue you will pass by a big memorial stone of the “alpine convention”. How many countries does the Alpine Convention involve?
a) The European Union and (2) states.
b) The European Union and (8) states
c) The European Union and (15) states.
Punto di riferimento
N 44° 05.077'
E 007° 52.365'
Waypoint M:
Which Forte can you find on the Colle di Nava? You are looking for a cut-out” type, in a polygonal-shaped layout deep stretching out into an “S”.
a) Forte Richermo (=100)
b) Forte Bellarasco (=10)
c) Forte Centrale (=1)
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 09.368'
E 008° 00.996'
Waypoint N:
How high is the mountain “Galero”?
a) 1271 m
b) 1708 m
c) 1921 m
N= _ _ _ -> find the sum of the numbers _ _-> find the sum again _
Punto di riferimento
N 43° 08.754'
E 007° 44.768'
Waypoint O:
The Natural Parc Marguareis is famous for it’s unique
a) Caves (=1)
b) beaches (=10)
c) crocodiles (=100)
Punto di riferimento
N 44° 11.329'
E 007° 41.291'
Waypoint P:
The hut is named after a famous person of the region. Where was he born?
a) Limone (=20)
b) Cuneo (=10)
c) Mandoví (=6)
Info Waypoints addizionali possono rendere la ricerca più semplice, per esempio con le indicazioni di un parcheggio o del punto di partenza di un sentiero. I waypoints sono inclusi nei file GPX e inviati al dispositivo GPS.


Via Alpina Landscape
Via Alpina Landscape
Above the Sea
Above the Sea
The Cacheguard
The Cacheguard


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As announced in my prior log this listing will be archivied now. The owner can easily reacitvate the listing by his own if everythng is ok again. If You need help, just contact me or the team .

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Nota The geocache needs maintenance. 09. maggio 2016 Frank_Z ha scritto una nota

I have read about this project on the via alpina website a long time ago.

Today I finally came across this cache listing.

While looking at the waypoints, there are some errors with the waypoints N and O, North should be 44 instead of 43. Same for the starting point I think.

I have hiked the northern part of the GTA and will finish some day and maybe be able to find the information for this cache.