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Rail to nowhere - Safari

 Safari reverse virtual hunt for rails that lead to nowhere

by GeoLog81     Germany > Bayern > Nürnberger Land

N 49° 29.544' E 011° 28.203' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 25 March 2015
 Published on: 25 March 2015
 Last update: 25 March 2015
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC11CDE

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Please read carefully! This is Safari cache, known also as reverse virtual. The object on the given coordinates is only the example. While visit to the coordinates is recommended, it is neither required nor enough for logging the Safari. In order to log, you need to find other object that matches the description and post its coordinates together with your self-made photo. The logs that doesn't fulfill that conditions will be deleted.

Have you ever seen this phenomenon? There's a rail track, but... it doesn't lead anywhere! The rail ends as suddenly as it began. Sometimes it could be a part of rail infrastructure, but today it's only a forgotten relic. 

This is the case of the object on the listed coordinates. It's the old warehouse, and the rail is starting from its doors but... it suddenly ends a few meter further, on the bridge. 

Find another example of rail to nowhere, post the coordinates and the photo in your log.


This is a virtual Safari-Cache. It isn't placed on any predefined location, but can be logged anywhere. The given coordinates are only an example
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Please give the logs in the format "N/S DD MM.MMM E/W DDD MM.MMM" (z.B. "N 48 00.000 E 008 00.000"), so that the locations can be shown correctly on the Safari-Cache-Map


rail to nowhere
rail to nowhere
rail end
rail end


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Found The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 01 November 2019 kinghanno42 found the geocache

Alte Gleise entlang der Fürther Straße in Eberhardshof.

Koordinaten: N49 27.417 E011 02.233

❤️ Ⓣ Ⓕ Ⓣ Ⓒ Kinghanno42 & Queenmama42 💙

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Alte GleiseAlte Gleise

Found 28 July 2019 KW1977 found the geocache

Die Schienen stammen vom ehemaligen Straßenbahndepot Nürnberg Schweinau. Mittlerweile befindet sich hier das neue Busdepot der Stadt Nürnberg.

N 49 25.733 E 011 03.007

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ehemaliges Straßenbahndepot Nürnbergehemaliges Straßenbahndepot Nürnberg
ehemaliges Straßenbahndepot Nürnbergehemaliges Straßenbahndepot Nürnberg
ehemaliges Straßenbahndepot Nürnbergehemaliges Straßenbahndepot Nürnberg

Found 11 June 2019 Kon1 found the geocache

Heute sind wir in Nürnberg auf diese ehemalige Bahnstrecke gestoßen. Sie endet heute vor einem Gebäudezugang. Früher war dies der Gleisanschluss zum ehemaligen AEG-Hausgeräte-Werk an der Fürther Straße. Das andere Ende der Strecke trifft auf die noch heute betriebene Ringbahn.



Koordinaten N 49 27.617 E 011 01.835


Danke für den Safaricache!

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Found 28 February 2019 Angua33 found the geocache

Dieses Gleis war einmal die Verbindung der Flensburger Hafenbahn an die Strecke Flensburg Neumünster. Bis September 2015 war hier eine Weiche.

Flensburger Hafenbahn


N 54° 46.270 E 009° 25.167

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Found 25 February 2019 Pinnie und Pueppie found the geocache

Gefunden in Flensburg im Industrie Hafen.
Die Koordinaten: N 54° 48.082 E 009° 26.374


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Rail to nowhereRail to nowhere