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Gott schütze unsere Flur - Safari

by GeoLog81     Germany > Bayern > Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen

N 48° 58.960' E 010° 52.304' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 28 March 2015
 Published on: 28 March 2015
 Last update: 28 March 2015
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC11D0C

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On the given coordinates, I've found a specific monument. It's not the first time I've stumbled upon such one. It has an inscription 'Gott schütze unsere Flur' which literarily means 'God protect our farm'. 

To log the safari, find similar inscription somewhere else, and provide coordinates and picture in your log. One location can be used only once!


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God, protect out farm!
God, protect out farm!


This geocache is probably placed within the following protected areas (Info): Naturpark Altmühltal (Info)

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Found 27 August 2019 Seebaer777 found the geocache

In der Nähe des jüdischen Friedhofs in Alfter bei Bonn fand ich ein Kreuz, das für diese Safari passen könnte.

Koords: N 50° 44.569 E 006° 59.935

Pictures for this log entry:
Spruch am KreuzSpruch am Kreuz
Kreuz mit FaltradKreuz mit Faltrad

Found 16 December 2018 ekorren found the geocache


N 48°35.818 E 10°51.366

I always understood the safari task literally - i.e. that the text should really read "Gott schütze unsere Flur" - and each time we saw something somewhere, it was somehow different. Now I realized that people have been logging various texts, which more or less are similar but definitely not identical to the original. So I guess the text "Gott segne unsere Fluren" is quite a close match, definitely closer than some of the other examples ;)

This wayside cross is located at the rural road A24 between Nordendorf and Ellgau, north of Augsburg.

Pictures for this log entry:
Gott segne unsere FlurenGott segne unsere Fluren

Found 16 December 2018, 14:21 Nelly 01 found the geocache

Auf dem Weg von Nordenbdorf nach Ellgau, neben einem Cache, auch an "Gott schütze unsere Flur" vorbeigekommen. Ekorren dokumentierte wieder alles erfolgreich.

Found 05 May 2018 Herbsteite found the geocache

Das einfach gehaltene Feldkreuz aus stein abernichtsdestoweniger wuerdevoll steht an der Strasse von Rögling nach Warching (Schwaben)

Koordinaten N48.848 E10. 933

Pictures for this log entry:

Found 21 March 2017 anmj found the geocache

Auch wir haben diesen Spruch gefunden, er steht an den Koordinaten N 49° 41.078 E 009° 57.788 auf einem Kreuz.

DfdC sagen ANMJ

Pictures for this log entry: