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Via Regia - Bonus

by clappy     Germany > Rheinland-Pfalz > Ahrweiler

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 50° 33.875' E 007° 10.200' (WGS84)

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 Size: small
Status: Archived
 Time required: 1:15 h   Route: 3.5 km
 Hidden on: 12 July 2015
 Published on: 14 July 2015
 Last update: 19 April 2018
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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

This is a series of caches about the Aachen-Frankfurter-Heerstraße (AFH), the military road the German Emperors used in order to get to Aachen for their crowning ceremony. Hence the name "Krönungsstraße", which translates to "crowning road".

The Via Regia has been the most important road connecting Aachen and Frankfurt from the times of Charlemagne to the late 19th century. After being elected in Frankfurt they travelled to Aachen for their crowning ceremony.Moreover, the road was used for trading or troop movements. From Düren to Sinzig it roughly follows today's motorway 61. This section is special, as it has the steepest inclines of the entire road. The impact on the landscape is visible up to date, although many sections have vanished due to land cosolidation. But on satellite photos the course is well visible.

General information:

With this series I will only cover the AFH in the region of Grafschaft, there are a number of information posts throughout the marked hiking trail. Additional information can be found on the internet, on the information posts and at local clubs devoted to regional traditions. The hinking trail has been marked by the "Eifelverein".Every cache station is designed as a short multi-stage cache with trails under 5 km. Of cource, you can hike the whole trail at once (about 11 km, one-way!); then, it might be best to start in Eckendorf, because the station fit together best. Please follow the hinking sign "AFH" (black font on white square).The trail follows dirt roads, so hiking or (mountain-)biking is no problem, nevertheless, strollers or wheelchairs may not do the whole route. Cars or motorcycles are not allowed. After a raining peroid the road might be very muddy.


This Mystery is a Bonus Cache for all, who have completed all 5 stations of the Via Regia and noted all bonus numbers.
This cache is big enough to hold some smaller trading objects, coins and trackables. There is a surprise in it, but please do not remove it. The pencil stays here as well, please.

Last but not least, here's a banner for your profile:

And now - your challenge:
Add all bonus numbers and get ABCDE.

The Final is located at:
N50° (E-[2*B])(A).(D)(A)(B+E)E007° (B)(A-B-C).(C)(E)(A-B)

Parking is possible at PPVR01, this cache can be combined with the station "Kirchdaun". Having found its cache, go to RPVR01 and see the AFH again. It's a shallow depression in the terrain goind uphill towards the forest edge!

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N 50° 34.049'
E 007° 09.513'
PPVR01 - Parkplatz
Stage or reference point
N 50° 34.043'
E 007° 10.008'
RPVR01 - Wer von der Station Kirchdaun den Bonus angeht, sieht an dieser Stelle noch einmal sehr schön den Verlauf der AFH. Von unten bis an den Waldrand sieht man eine Senke im Feld.
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This geocache is probably placed within the following protected areas (Info): Landschaftsschutzgebiet Rhein-Ahr-Eifel (Info)

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Found 31 August 2019 filser1 found the geocache

Nach einer etwas größeren Suchschleife mit Hilfe des Spoilers gefunden. T4TC

Archived 19 April 2018 clappy has archived the cache

Für die 4-5 Logs (davon einige OC und GC), die in den drei Jahren hier kamen, ist die Pflege und Aktualisierung von parallelen Listings zu aufwändig. Der Cache ist noch vor Ort und kann über GC geloggt werden.

Note The geocache description is ok. 18 April 2017 clappy wrote a note

Den Bonuswert von Eckendorf gibt es nach dessen Archivierung gerne auf Anfrage per Mail.

Found 02 September 2015 broiler found the geocache

Nachdem wir die letzte Etappe der Via Regis eingesammelt hatten, konnten wir uns anschließend sofort dem Bonus widmen, der sich ebenfalls gut finden ließ.

In: Coin

Wir fanden es erstaunlich, dass eine so wichtige Straße, die ja offensichtlich 1000 Jahre lang genutzt wurde, heute nicht mehr als ein unbedeutender Feldweg und quasi in Vergessenheit geraten ist. Gut, dass es diese Cacheserie gibt.

broiler (heute N unterwegs mit C+FiGH)

Found 28 July 2015 CADS11 found the geocache

Heute habe ich mit Smartcach und Sunnysky.ger mal die alte Krönungsstraße angesehen.
Klar, dass der Bonus auch mit musste.

Danke an clappy für diesen Cache sagt

TB in