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Geocache Virtuale
Reise ins Labyrinth

 Simple virtual geocache,which leads to a amazing view.

di GeoEyes2016     Germania > Bayern > Kelheim

N 48° 56.880' E 011° 43.957' (WGS84)

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 Tempo necessario: 1:00 h   Lunghezza percorso: 2.0 km
 Nascosta il: 01. ottobre 2016
 Pubblicata il: 01. ottobre 2016
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 01. ottobre 2016
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC132C7

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From the "labyrinth lookout", you have a nice view of the Prunn Castle and the Danube in the Altmühltal. The path to the goal reminiscent of the movie "Labyrinth with David Bowie". 

By car you can park at N 48 ° 56.661' E011 ° 43.787'. Then just follow the trail "14" to the cache. It is unadvisable to come off the way  - on the one hand you're in a natural forest reserve, on the other hand, the ground outside of the way is unpredictable. The way seems somewhat elongated at the beginning and easy, but that's changing against target clearly.

The target is located at N 48 ° 56.880' E011 ° 43.957' on the top of the rock. On the direct way up to there you will find a little fir tree growing out of a cleft. Take a photo of the fir tree and your GPS device, on which the date is clearly evident. This photo is considered as proof of the log.

I think the cache is basically suited for children, but only under the watchful supervision of their parents. Very slippery trail when wet or frosty weather.




Questa geocache è probabilmente situata all'interno di un'area naturale protetta! Per favore, vedi qui per ulteriori informazioni.
Naturschutzgebiet Klamm und Kastlhäng (Informazioni)

Questa geocache probabilmente è situata in una riserva naturale (Info): FFH-Gebiet Trockenhänge im unteren Altmühltal mit Laaberleiten und Galgental (Informazioni), Naturpark Altmühltal (Informazioni), Vogelschutzgebiet Felsen und Hangwälder im Altmühl-, Naab-, Laber- und Donautal (Informazioni)

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trovata 13. ottobre 2019, 08:11 Marionettenspieler ha trovato la geocache

Wir haben zwar kein Tannenbaum gesehen aber wir haben hier oben doch die Natur genossen.


Team Marionettenspieler

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