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Traditional Geocache
#3 - Ruta de Puig dels Albellons

by chrismaxx     Spain > Illes Balears

N 39° 47.184' E 002° 53.967' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Available
 Hidden on: 24 February 2020
 Published on: 11 March 2020
 Last update: 14 March 2020
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC15E6A
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#3 - Ruta de Puig dels Albellons

Cache: "Comellar dels Albellons #2"

This is a round-trip in the "Parc natural de la Serra Tramuntana" that begins and ends in Caimari. There are several caches on the tour, such as: "Mirador de Caimari", "Comellar dels Albellons #1", "Comellar dels Albellons #2","Coll dels Albellons", "Cim dels Albellons", "Puig dels Albellons", "Penya de s'Alqueria", "Plana de Son Sastre", "Cova de Can Pipa" etc. Enjoy the hike with best views and interesting places.

Note: All caches of these route must be very well camouflaged.
Please take care, that they do not obviously hanging or lying around.

Important: Please make sure to use the following two Wikiloc-GPS-tracks to always stay on the right track:
Track #1: (Tramuntana) Puig dels Albellons desde Caimari (without Mirador de Caimari)
Track #2: Mirador de Caimari i puig dels Albellons


Have fun and happy caching!

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Yvaxf iba qrz Jrt vfg rva xyrvare Uütry. Bora nhs qrz Uütry vfg qnf Svany.
Gb gur yrsg bs gur cngu vf n fznyy uvyy. Gur svany vf hc ba gur uvyy.





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