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 A multi-cache in Graz leading to a nice, but not well known location

von cezanne     Österreich > Steiermark > Graz

N 47° 04.277' E 015° 26.429' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 01. März 2003
 Gelistet seit: 23. August 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 29. Oktober 2018
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English description

This cache is suitable for both tourists (in particular for those who would like to combine a nice walk with a visit to a place off the main tourist roads) and for local geocachers who are looking for a cache which could be done on work-days after work. The cache hunt starts in the city centre and the cache itself lies about 3 km to the north (in one of the green lungs of Graz). It might be hard to do the cache when there is much snow/ice.

The Old Town of Graz is one of the largest and best-preserved city centres in Europe. (In 1999 it was designated a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO). For more informations on Graz have a look at the web site of the Graz Tourist Office. Note that this year (2003) Graz has even more to offer than in 'normal years'. Graz is the European Cultural Capital 2003.

This cache is divided into four stages, but only at the final stage a cache container has to be found.

Stage 1: N 47° 04.277 E 015° 26.429

You will find yourself close to an impressive large building, a former palace, which used to host a museum which is dedicated to a famous 'son' of Graz. Let us call this man Mr X. Watch out for a plaque on the building to obtain the following numbers.

  • abcd: The year in which Mr X died (plaque dates from that year).
  • e: Number corresponding to the third letter of the first name of Mr X's father via the code A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26.
  • f: Number corresponding to the second letter of the first name of Mr X's mother via the code A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26.
  • w: The main part of the building dates from that century.

Stage 2: Street named after Mr X

Go to the street in Graz which is named after Mr X. The street lies at about 2.5 kilometers distance from Stage 1 and can easily reached by bike and by public transportation (tram). You can also walk there (e.g. along the bank of the river Mur).
If you do not know Graz well, a city map will be helpful for finding the location of Stage 2. (City maps can be obtained free-of-charge at the Tourist Office at N 47° 04.200', E 015° 26.382'.)

Now watch out for a church and have a closer look at the area around it to solve the following tasks.

Task 1: Find a polygonal stone with an engravement of three letters and a year. (If you need a rest, you can take a seat at one of the benches placed around the stone.)
  • g: The digit which occurs twice in the year listed on the stone.
  • h: Number of corners of the stone diminished by two.
Task 2: Have a closer look at the doors of the church and the associated buildings.
  • i: Number of glass pieces used per door. (As a check: i is divisible by 7.)
Task 3: Find a sign which informs about a well-known prize which has been awarded for the design and architecture of the church buildings.
  • 198y: The year in which the prize has been awarded.

Stage 3: Staircase

Not far from Stage 2 there is staircase with more than 300 steps. The staircase and its name can be found on the city map of Graz (also on the version offered by the Tourist Office). Solve the following tasks.

Task 4: The name of the staircase has a biblical meaning and also is the title of a composition of a famous Austrian composer (whose name is not necessary for this cache). This composer completely broke with the tradition of former centuries and introduced his own special style of music.
  • j: The number which plays a special role in the theory behind the composing style referred to above.
Task 5: Start walking up the staircase. The staircase consists of several sub-staircases which are not fully symmetric to each other.
  • k: (Modified formulation July 2016 as a sign disappeared) Stop when you for the first time come across a small platform between two sub-staircases paved with cobble stones (you should not have stepped up more than 35 steps until now, otherwise you missed something). Your task is to to count the number of steps of the sub-staircase that comes next (take into account also the final step which is a bit further apart. The formulas below for the cache coordinates will provide a double-check for k.
Task 6: Continue walking up the stairs. Some of the steps are numbered. Watch out for a step which not only lists the number of steps achieved so-far, but also lists a year.
  • 19m5: The year mentioned above.
Task 7: Perform the following final calculations.
  • p=b-d
  • q=a+f
  • u=k-j-1
  • v=k/m
  • s=k/y-w+i+m-1
  • t=g-1.

Stage 4: N 47° 0q.ugh', E 015° 2s.vmh'. (Attention: Old hideout from 2008 - continue reading!)

These coordinates lead you to the old hideout from October 2008. In May 2011, November 2012, August 2013 and finally in July 2016 the hideout got moved. The final area has considerably changed throughout recent years due to storms and ice rain which also raised the terrain rating.
To obtain the coordinates of the current hideout (from July 2016) use the following offset
For N : +u/1000'
For E: -v/1000'

Since the GPS-reception is jumpy in the target area, it is very recommendable to bring along the spoiler photos. The hideout is not perfect but the best I could find that meets the tight restrictions that have to be cared for.

I recommend to approach the cache as follows:
  • Go to the coordinates N 47° 0q.hpy', E 015° 2s.tya'. You are now close to a bench.
  • Take the path which starts at the bench and leads to the south-east. It will lead you close to the cache.
  • If you wish to visit the area around the hideout before 2008 (at N 47° 0q.hyg', E 015° 2s.tcg') as well which is recommendable in its own right due to the location (more special than the final area), then leave the path when you can see several stone walls and climb up. Afterwards go back to the path.

The cache container is a small lock&lock box. Please be particularly careful when retrieving the cache and rehide it well. The cache has already disappeared several times at various locations. Act with special care in the season when the vegetation does not offer a natural camouflage for cachers.

After cache suggestions:
  • If you wish to extend your walk, then you can continue your way from the staircase to the top of the hill and go down on the other side. You can also visit a nice small church (consult the city map).
  • Close to the cache you can enjoy a nice view down on Graz (depends, however, on the vegetation phase).

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Ng gur ebbg nern bs n gerr. Pbirerq jvgu fgbarf.



Spoiler (Update): Hideout area (October 2018) / Versteckgegend (Oktober 2018)
Spoiler (Update): Hideout area (October 2018) / Versteckgegend (Oktober 2018)
Spoiler: Hideout (close up) / Versteck (nahe dran)
Spoiler: Hideout (close up) / Versteck (nahe dran)
Spoiler: Hideout area (July 2016) / Versteckgegend (Juli 2016)
Spoiler: Hideout area (July 2016) / Versteckgegend (Juli 2016)
Spoiler: Hideout area (July 2016) / Versteckgegend (Juli 2016)
Spoiler: Hideout area (July 2016) / Versteckgegend (Juli 2016)


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kann gesucht werden 01. März 2019 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

[EN:] It appears that the problems to find the final container some cachers reported on are not based on the change of the area or any fault on my side, but rather on wrong coordinates used by the searchers. I tried to find out what led to wrong coordinates as this might have allowed me to react in case of some unclear question or whatever but did not receive any reply to my request. So I cannot do more than say that the search will be easier with the correct coordinates.

I hid this cache, my first one, exactly 16 years ago. To be honest, I'm not sure how long I will find the energy to maintain my caches. The cacher scene has changed that much and I feel meanwhile quite displaced and like an alien.

[DE:] Es scheint, dass die Probleme, die einige Besucher mit dem Auffinden des Finals hatten, nicht an Veraenderungen im Versteckgebiet lagen und nicht an Aspekten, die der Verstecker beeinflussen kann. Es wurden falsche Koordinaten fuer die Suche verwendet. Ich habe versucht die Fehlerquelle zu eruieren, habe aber keine Antwort auf meine Anfragen erhalten. Ich kann daher nicht auf moegliche Ursachen reagieren und kann daher nur fetthalten, dass der Cachebehaelter mit den korrekten Koordinaten einfacher zu finden ist.

Ich habe diesen Cache, meinen ersten, vor genau 16 Jahren versteckt. Wenn ich ehrlich bin, weiss ich nicht wielange ich noch die Energie haben werde meine Caches zu warten. Die Cacherszene hat sich zu sehr veraendert und ich fuehle mich dort mittlerweile ziemlich deplaziert.

gefunden Empfohlen 29. Oktober 2018 Euni hat den Geocache gefunden

Da meine Tochter, die ich derzeit in Graz besuche, heute Lehrveranstaltungen belegen musste, habe ich mir heute diesen Multi vorgenommen. Bei einem Abendspaziergang in den letzten Tagen hatte ich schon die erste Station erkundet, so dass ich wusste, wohin die Reise geht. Sehr schöner Spaziergang am Fluss, auch das Gebiet, in dem sich das Final befindet, ist einen Besuch wert. Offensichtlich waren meine Buchführung und Rechnung korrekt, denn ich fand die Dose schnell. Dem Cache geht es gut, das Logbuch in der Tüte ist trocken, die Bleistifte sind etwas feucht. Die gewünschten Fotos habe ich verschickt.
Für das Zeigen dieses interessanten Ortes vergebe ich gern eine Empfehlung. Nichts getauscht. Euni

kann gesucht werden 29. Oktober 2018 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

[EN:] I now added an additional spoiler photo which shows the hideout area as of October 2018. I'd like to thank Euni both for having read my request in a note in advance as well as for taking the photo and sending it to me.

[DE:] Ich habe nun ein zusätzliches Spoilerfoto, das das Versteckgebiet im Oktober 2018 zeigt, hochgeladen. Ich bedanke mich bei Euni sowohl dafür dass er meine Bitte in einer

kann gesucht werden 03. Dezember 2016 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

[EN:] Alerted by the comment that the last finder (on gc.com) needed mobile internet at the header coordinates I visited the first stage today. What is needed to answer the questions there is still at its place. So everything is in order.

[DE:] Der Kommentar im Log des letztes Finders (auf gc.com) dass er mobiles Internet an den Startkoordinaten einsetzen musste, brachte mich dazu heute Station 1 zu besuchen. Es stellte sich dabei heraus dass alles was zur Beantwortung der Fragen erforderlich ist, vor Ort ist.

kann gesucht werden 31. Juli 2016 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

[EN:] Today I passed by Stage 2 and continued to the final area. I had to search for my own cache as the area has changed since my last visit and also the hideout has been changed. I was a bit disappointed that none of the recent visitors I contacted replied to my mail (note added: on August 1 one cacher replied) - sometimes I wonder for whom I am still investing my time and energy to maintain my caches.

The cache container was in proper condition, however the zip lock bag intended for the log book was in use for the container (and thus dirty and unusable for the interior). I removed a shard from the container (who puts such items into a cache container?) and added a new pencil (the old got lost).

As the area around the old hideout has changed due to storms and ice rain, I decided to move the final a bit. I chose the best hideout I could find that meets the tight constraints I am faced with. Some areas with nice hideouts are off-limit. To those who like to visit special locations, I recommend to visit the area where the cache has been hidden in the early years. (Coordinates are provided in the cache description).

I added new spoiler photos - I strongly recommend you to bring them along.

As the sign and the tree stump that were used to identify the correct sub-staircase needed for obtaining variable k are not there any longer, I reformulated the task for variable k.

Please handle the cache with care and rehide it properly. I'm not motivated to move the final once more.

Please use the new description. The following changes have been made:

(a) New formulation for variable k.
(b) Changed offset for the final. New hideout. New spoiler pictures.


[DE:] Heute bin ich am Weg bei Station 2 vorbeigekommen und bin dann weiter zum Cacheversteck gegangen. Ich musste meinen eigenen Cache suchen: die Gegend hat sich wieder verändert und das Versteck war auch nicht jenes von meinem letzten Besuch. Ich war etwas enttaeuscht, dass mir keiner der letzten Besucher, die ich per Mail kontaktiert hatte, geantwortet haben (Kommentar: Am 1. August hat ein Cacher reagiert). Manchmal frage ich mich, für wen ich eigentlich noch meine Zeit und Energie, die die Cachewartung erfordert, investiere.

Der Cachebehälter war in gutem Zustand. Das Zip Lock Sackerl, das für das Logbuch gedacht war, war allerdings aussen um die Dose gehüllt und damit schmutzig und unbrauchbar für den Einsatz im Inneren der Dose. Ich habe eine Scherbe entfernt (wer legt so etwas in eine Cachedose?) und habe einen neuen Bleistift dazugefuegt (der alte war nicht mehr vor Ort).

Da sich das Gebiet um das alte Versteck unvorteilhaft veraendert hat, habe ich beschlossen das Versteck etwas zu verlegen. Ich habe das beste Versteck gewählt, das ich unter den engen Rahmenbedingungen, die es zu erfuellen gilt, finden konnte. Einige Gebiete mit netten Versteckmoeglichkeiten kommen nicht in Frage. Jenen, die gerne spezielle Plaetze besuchen, empfehle ich die Gegend aufzusuchen, in der der Cache in den Anfangsjahren versteckt war (Koordinaten siehe Cachebeschreibung). Ich habe neue Spoilerphotos hochgeladen - ich rate dazu sie mitzunehmen, da der Empfang vor Ort oft sprunghaft ist.

Da sowohl das Schild als auch der Baumstumpf, die zur Identifizierung der richtigen Teiltreppe fuer die Bestimmung der Variablen k herangezogen wurden, nicht mehr vor Ort sind, habe ich die Aufgabe betreff k umformuliert.

Bitte den Cache mit Achtsamkeit behandeln und gut wieder verstecken. Ich bin nicht motiviert nochmals nach einem neuen Versteck zu suchen.

Bitte die neue Cachebeschreibung verwenden. Folge Aenderungen wurden durchgefuehrt.

(a) Neue Formulierung fuer Variable k.
(b) Veraenderter Offset fuer das Final. Neues Versteck. Neue Spoilerfotos.