Fuchs und Hase

 Easy hike on the Rendezvous-Mountain in the outskirts of Vienna. Suitable for children

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N 48° 18.995' E 016° 24.784' (WGS84)

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 Laatste verandering: 29. september 2019
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This cache will take you to the area of the Rendezvousberg. This is an agricultural area with some historical background. The distance to be covered is approximately 5 km (depending on starting point). The terrain is easy, the paths are agricultural roads and hiking trails (except the last 50 meters to the cache)

I've chosen this place for my third cache because there seemed to be a sort of vacuum in this area that needed filling . If you have ever wondered where the Rendezvousberg has got its name from, on this cache-hunt you will find out. From certain parts of the route there is a magnificent view over Vienna. The tracks are quite good (sometimes grasscovered), I guess a sturdy baby buggy could be taken along without too many problems (except for the last 50 meters).
Many animals live in that area: Hares, roe deer, partridges and many more. So if you take along a dog, please keep it under control.

There are at least two points where its equally logical to enter this area. There is a bus-stop and a parking area at N 48° 19.175', E 016° 24.236' (near the Zigeunerbründl). Another possibility is to come from Stammersdorf (Line 31 near N 48° 17.880', E 016° 25.229'). Therefore I'll give you the coordinates of 6 locations where you will have to derive some information. It is up to your own decision in which order you solve the stages. Just a little hint: If you come from the parking area then 1-2-3-4-5-6 would be a good possibility in order to avoid unnecessary zig-zagging. If you come from Stammersdorf then 5-4-3-2-1-6 wouldn't be too wrong.

STAGE 1: N1 48° 18.995', E1 016° 24.784' The information plates are gone. Look behind the large hawthorne (standing already in the field): what can you find? A telephone pole (H=1); an old well (H=5= or a small border stone (H=8)?.

STAGE 2: N2 48° 19.223', E2 016° 24.968' The hiking trails leads alongside a building. Only this side of the building is needed for the following task: Divide the number of windows by the number of doors and call the result G.

STAGE 3: N3 48° 19.144', E3 016° 25.197' Find out how many rows the vineyard has and call the number C.
Convert the first letter on the border stone into a number (A=1, B=2, ... Z=26) and call it B.

STAGE 4: N4 48° 19.220', E4 016° 25.217' Nearby (about 50m to the northnortheast) you can find the remains of an old "fortress" (dating back to 1866, the Prussian War). Explore the place, what is to be seen here: wooden palisades: A=7; F=8
trenches: A=8;F=9
concrete walls: A=9;F=8.

STAGE 5: N5 48° 19.019', E5 016° 25.373' That's my favourite place (apart from the cache, of course). How many mythological creatures do you see here? Their number + 1 make up the number E. One of the creatures tells you the name of their father. Convert the last letter of the name into a number (A=1, B=2, ... Z=26) and call this number D.

STAGE 6: The question has moved to Stage 3

Now you have all the necessary information in order to calculate the final coordinates.

N7 48° 1A,BDC E7 16° 2E,FGH

The cache is covered a little bit in order to avoid accidental spotting. Please hide it well again. Mind the Ants

Gecodeerde hint  

5: Count male and female creatures, but not the fish.

7: At the foot of a fallen tree (not the biggest one). Under stones and bricks.



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Gevonden The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 07. maart 2021 ElMontaraz heeft de cache gevonden

Verbunden mit einer Wanderung über den Bisamberg.

Opmerking 29. september 2019 Gavriel heeft een notitie geschreven

Frage für Stage 1 geändert, weil wieder mal Informationstafeln entsorgt wurden.

Gevonden 21. augustus 2019 soi73 heeft de cache gevonden

Ein Multi bei dem auch gleich ein paar Tradis mitgehen ist perfekt 😃 Stationen waren gut zu finden und ohne langer herumrechnerei ist es gleich noch besser 😉 trotz einsetzender Dämmerung gefunden 👍dfdc

Gevonden Aanbevolen 08. september 2018 Gerald1977 heeft de cache gevonden

Gemeinsam mit wölfin06 und häschen08 konnte auch dieser auf unserer heutigen Tour rasch und punktgenau gefunden werden.

Nachdem ich letzten Dezember schon hier war und die einzelnen Stages besuchte, konnte heute endlich auch das Final besucht werden.

Danke fürs auslegen und warten,
thank you for this Cache. 

Opmerking 13. oktober 2017 Gavriel heeft een notitie geschreven

Stage 4 diebstahlsicher an die Erde gebunden Cool